Beyond Baguio – Victory Liner Goes High-tech

Living in Baguio City for more than thirty years of my life, and being a blogger for about five years made me realize that there is more to things to see outside of Baguio City, and sometimes these attractions could be below or above the benchmark as set by the City of Pines. This is why we deemed it important to start a page that would also showcase travel, food and generally lifestyle experience outside of Baguio City, outside of the Cordillera Region, Beyond North Luzon and even beyond the Philippines.

The First Beyond

Ok, so to start we envision this page to be a mix of everything outside the scope of North Luzon or Baguio City, in the future we hope to incorporate different travel advisories, travel news and deals and any other travel tips which we think would be helpful to everyone.

Travelling By Victory Liner Bus

I have already experienced travelling to other parts of the country, well as far as southern Luzon at least. Whenever, i visit Central Luzon or Manila I always take Victory Liner bus. This is because i believe, and this is my personal opinion, the company provides the safest and most comfortable bus ride and not to mention the fact that i never got any ill-treatment from any of their staff unlike with other bus companies.

Riding the Victory Liner Deluxe Bus

It was during the Gphilippines event in Makati that i first rode a deluxe bus, you see tagging my daughter and wife along i am so worried about the bus ride experience especially it would be the first time that my 4-year old daughter would be travelling via bus. Imagine my worries and the anxiety i felt when we started our mountain descent. But all of those anxieties were dispelled when I felt, yes you can feel it, that the driver is being extra careful in driving. We arrived at our destination safe and we returned to Baguio City safe.

Victory Liner Travel Experience

The Deluxe bus was so comfortable and the travel so long that you would just doze off, but with the anxiety lingering i can’t so i decided to blog about the travel experience using the in-bus wifi and my reliable iPhone, you can read in my other blog the Victory Liner Deluxe Bus travel experience.

Victory Liner Going High-Tech


As if the in-Bus wifi connection wasn’t enough, Victory Liner recently announced that they will be providing 20 Android tablets per bus for their passengers during the trip. How cool is that? So if you do not have your tablets or smartphone with you or maybe you forgot to charge them you will still be able to send emails, conduct business transactions or even play games to entertain you during the trip, was already wondering how far could i go in Temple Run for five hours hmmm… oh by the way just in case you are worried about the batteries being drained, it was announced by Victory Liner that they will equip their deluxe bus with  their own electrical sockets, good thinking right?



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