How to Spend Christmas in Baguio 2012

Some time back we received a comment asking for tips on how to spend Christmas in Baguio City. Well of course spending Christmas in Baguio City would depend on how you perceive your Christmas Vacation. So to maybe give you an idea on how you can enjoy your Christmas Vacation in Baguio City we would share our experiences every Christmas.

Spending Christmas in Baguio

On December 24

This is usually the time when people rush to buy ingredients for their dishes for noche buena, so people in Baguio are actually busy for the preparations. However, one thing that you should not miss is the Church Mass in the different Catholic Churches in Baguio City which usually starts at around 9pm. Remember, Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.

On December 25

Last year, we wanted the children to enjoy Christmas day without spending so much,  so what we did was to bring some leftovers from our noche buena, hopped on a taxi and went to Burnham park. You will be surprised on the volume of people spending Christmas day at the park. Bring a tent, a large picnic blanket and find a spot either at the Burnham Park lake area or at the Rose Garden, but for those who have children with them, Christmas is for them so find a spot at the Children’s Park this way they would be able to enjoy the slides, swings among others. Just as caution the play area was designed for children so for the adults please do not use the swings and slides if you do not want the guard to give you a warning or worst ask you to leave the park.

Now if your children are bored you can go to a nearby fun house and arcade at the former skating rink area, they have bump cars, ping-pong tables, skates and kiddie rides. You will have to spend around 100 pesos per child depending on the rides he or she would like to try out.

Overall our Christmas day at Burnham park made us spend around 500-700 pesos for the entire group of 10, five adults and five children, and only because we forgot to bring more food since we were there from morning till afternoon, so we had to buy some.

Alternative To Burnham Park

A. Tour Baguio City In One Day – if you are in the adventurous side you might want to visit the different tourist spots in Baguio City, however, since it is Christmas day some establishments may be closed and the fact that you are tired preparing for your noche buena this might not be an appealing idea.

B.Have your Family Picnic at Camp John Hay – up to this time, thankfully, Camp John Hay is still open to the public, so if you want to have your picnic in a place where there are lots of pine trees then Camp John Hay is your choice of picnic area.

Things You Can Do At Camp John Hay

1. Picnic – there is an area at Scout Hill where there are slides and swings so this would be the best spot for you to have your picnic if you have children with you. You can either choose to use the picnic tables or use the ground both are for a fee. A few months back the fee was 100 pesos per table for the whole day and for the ground it is five pesos per person for the whole day.

2. Explore the Camp – once you are settled you can explore Camp John Hay, you can visit the Camp John Hay Historical Core and have a taste of History. Within the CJH Historical core, you can visit the Amphitheater, the Governor General’s House in Baguio, the Cemetery of Negativism and the Secret Garden. Outside of the Historical Core there are some trails which you can also explore and experience walking/hiking through a pine forest.

3. Try the Baguio Tree Top Adventure – just several meters away from the entrance of the Historical core is Baguio’s Treetop Adventure, for a fee you can view the pine forest from the top via a canopy ride, personally we haven’t tried this yet since the prices are too steep for us, maybe one day we would try and experience the zip lines and the canopy rides.

Christmas in Baguio At Night

1. Visit the Baguio Country Club Christmas Village – the Christmas Village will run up to January next year so if you are in Baguio for Christmas, visiting the Christmas village at night is a must. If you want to know more about the Baguio City Christmas Village you can view our previous blog post about it.

2. See the Giant Christmas Tree at Session Road – at the top of Session road is a giant Christmas tree laced with christmas decorations and stunning lights as well as an animated star it is truly a sight to behold.

3. Manor Hotel Musical Lights – now this i am unsure, if the management of Manor hotel would allow the public to witness the Musical Light Show at the back of the Manor Hotel formerly the Fil-Am Friendship grounds. But if the public is allowed then this is another must see Christmas display, this year their theme is White Christmas so the lights are mostly white LED lights.

4. Visit the SM Centerpiece – Ok this activity you can do even during the day, but the cold Christmas air at night adds to the fun factor, click if you want to know more about the SM Baguio Centerpiece.

In Conclusion

Well there you have it, im sure there would still be other ways for you to spend Christmas in Baguio City but for now those are the things i could think of. Just remember, enjoying Christmas does not reside on the amount of money that you will be spending, it is the amount of fun that you create with what you have and where you are. If you would like to share some more tips on how to spend Christmas in Baguio please feel free to use our comment form below or comment via our facebook page. Have a Wonderful Christmas ahead!

3 thoughts on “How to Spend Christmas in Baguio 2012

  1. Hello, Sir Vince! Addition to your list for Christmas in Baguio at Night = Cosy’s Cafe and Roasterie over at M.Roxas Street, Teachers Camp. The house with overflowing xmas spirit is the cafe’s ‘neighbor’. Finally, get past the gate, have delicious Benguet coffee (hot or cold blends) or hot choco if you prefer while enjoying the view of the ‘real’ xmas house in Baguio. Dont forget to get your picture taken with the house in the background.

    Have a nice day, everyone! (“,) Happy Holidays, too! Weeee!

    1. Hi XiNe,

      Oh yeah! I know that place i always pass by it whenever i go to Teachers camp taking the brookside route! 🙂 thanks for sharing…must try that :-). Good job on your blog by the way 🙂

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