Beyond Baguio – Blue Ginger a Fusion of Cultures

Singaporean dishes are influenced by different cultures. This may have been because of the fact that Singapore historically started as a port area for trade. The presence of different cultures from traders as well as immigrants greatly contributed to the evolution of Singapore Cuisine. At present, we can safely say that a typical Singapore dish is heavily influenced by Chinese, Indian, Malay and British culture.

When our AirAsia flight from the Philippines arrived at around eleven in the morning, first thing I had in mind is food, the good thing is that after a quick visit at the Merlion Park , one of Singapore’s Iconic destination, we headed to the Blue Ginger for lunch.

The Blue Ginger

The Blue Ginger is located along Tanjong Pagar Road, looking at the structures here it seems like its Singapore’s version of Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Upon arriving, we were led to the second level of the building and I came to know later that the restaurant is composed of three levels. I was not mistaken when I said to myself that we were in for a treat, because we were served with, which I believe, their best dishes. Just in case you happen to visit Blue Ginger in Singapore, the following might give you an idea on what to order.

The Beef Rendang is an Indonesian Dish made by mixing beef sirloin, coconut milk and various spices.


Known to Be a Malaysian Snack made from turnips and bamboo shoots, topped with shrimp and roe all placed in a tart-like shell.


A Creative Food Wrap because it is Made of Minced Pork, prawns, spices, wrapped in tofu sheets and fried until golden brown
This Squid Dish is So Delicious and the Squid is Surprisingly Tender
The Seasonal Green Vegetable, not quite sure what was it but it was full of flavor and healthy too, i think…
A Fresh Sea Bass, Steamed and flavored with bean paste,garlic, onions, chili and various vegetables
The Udang Goreng Tauyu Lada (quite a mouthful) is a dish made from fresh prawns seasoned with Dark Soya Sauce and Pepper, garnished with Celery leaves.
The Acha is their version of our Achara although it uses different types of pickled vegetables.
The perfect drink to quench your thirst, the lime juice is really a thirst quencher a perfect drink for a “hot” meal and i mean hot on several levels..
The Gula Melaka is a cool dessert for a Hot meal, it is made with crushed ice, sago and honey sea coconut, the sweetener is made with palm sugar giving that distinct coco-nutty flavor.

The Blue Ginger Experience

The Blue Ginger serves Peranakan dishes which means their dishes are the fusion of Chinese, Malay and other influences when combined together makes an entirely unique dish. There is only one thing i could say about the Peranakan dish from Blue Ginger, it was delicious! So if you ever visit Singapore, it is a must for you to try the Peranakan dish from Blue Ginger to understand the Singaporean Culture when it comes to food.

Trying to Find Blue Ginger?

Here is a map for you:

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This Singapore trip was made possible by AirAsia Philippines, AirAsiaGo Philippines

and the Singapore Tourism Board

2 thoughts on “Beyond Baguio – Blue Ginger a Fusion of Cultures

  1. I like your presentation of the review. Blue Ginger is also a clever name for a resto – I like it a lot! That Acha is very intriguing BTW. What difference does it make compared to the usual Papaya version?

    1. Thanks!
      Yep blue ginger is indeed a good name, I think they have one dish that is named blue ginger. To answer your question their Acha is composed of different pickled vegetables they even have bitter gourd in it.

      Thanks for visiting my site 🙂

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