Burnham Lake Under Construction

By this time you might have already seen photos or news about the newest attraction in Baguio City, the dredging and construction being done at Burnham Lake. The Burnham lake is one of Baguio’s “icon” when it comes to tourism, your vacation or visit to the City of Pines is not complete without riding a boat on the lake. In fact, I remember way back when postcards are popular the Burnham Lake is the most popular photo associated with the City of Baguio.

The Burnham Lake before Construction

Burnham Lake Construction Facts and Figures

In 1994 if I remember it correctly, the Burnham Lake also have undergone dredging to improve the lake. Back then I was not really enthusiastic in knowing the reasons why the  lake was being drained, blame it to my youth back then. Today, however, i would like to know more so I did some asking around and some research and this is what I found.

The Burnham Lake Today During Construction

1. The Burnham Lake serves as a natural catch basin for some parts of the Central Business District.

2. The excess water as a result of the downpour of rain goes to the lake before it exits to the La Trinidad Balili River.

3. Currently, the construction aims to improve the quality of the lake to make it conducive for the Tilapia and Kois to live in by removing accumulated silt and trash, after the water was extracted workers were able to recover mobile phones and other items.

Harvested Fish at the Burnham Lake, they will be returned to the lake after the construction

4. Apart from improving the lake quality the lake perimeter will also be reinforced.

5. A Fountain at the center of the lake will also be installed.

6. The total project cost is 20.9 Million

7. The contractor assured that the project will be completed in 30 days.

My Take on the Burnham Lake Construction

The construction of the Burnham lake may have been deemed necessary by experts. The population of Kois and Tilapia are really increasing, we have even seen some fish that grew to up to two feet or more. However, I am not a fan of the timing, February is the month of the Panagbenga celebration and we expect thousands of tourists and travelers to come up to Baguio City and they are definitely expecting to include in their itinerary a visit to the famous Burnham Park. If we are to count the 30 days promise then the Burnham Lake is expected to be filled with water again roughly around the first or second week of February. Another thing is that the boat owners conducting business at Burnham Lake are obviously affected in terms of their income, the good thing about this is that instead of going against the government the owners cooperated, as long as it is for the good of the City and its people,  Baguio folks are ready to cooperate.

Dry Docked Boats

All we need to pray for now is that the project would really be completed as soon as possible without compromising quality of course.

People Looking at the Ongoing Construction



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  1. Oh no! I was looking forward pa naman sana to take a boat ride sa Burnham this weekend :/ Di bale I know this will make the lake + park more beautiful. kaso sayang pa din huhuhu sana makabalik ulit ako when the project is completed.

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