The Panagbenga 2013 Schedule Update

So today is January 24, 2013 and as Baguio City fine tunes the different activities for  Panagbenga 2013 the schedules are being updated. There are two types of schedules one is for the traditional Panagbenga activities and the other the Community-led Activities.

Panagbenga 2013 Highlights

Many of our readers from outside of Baguio City usually ask the question, what are the highlights of the Panagbenga Festival? While every activity is considered as fun and exciting on its own level, many would of course want to spend their well-deserved vacation visiting the City of Pines during the staging of the activities that are known to be crowd-drawers or the highlights. As for the traditional Activities, the highlights of course are the Grand Street Dancing Parade and the Grand Float Parades. In addition to that the Session Road in Bloom and the Grand Fireworks display are also considered as crowd drawers during this month-long festivities.

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

Many are asking what is the Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom Event, this is usually held at the Melvin Jones where families and anyone interested can help design and paint banner sized cloth canvass. This is a fun activity to show your creativity in painting and design, the finished products would then be paraded during the Grand Parades.

Fluvial Parade in Baguio

One would think that fluvial parades are only done in provinces where bodies of water abound. However, in Baguio City we also have our own version of fluvial parade. This is staged at the Burnham Lake, where boats are designed with flowers and are paraded around the lake.

Session Road in Bloom

The Session Road in Bloom is a week-long event where Session Road is closed to traffic in order to give way to stalls and stages for the people to taste different kinds of cuisine and to watch and listen to several concerts running from morning till night.

Panagbenga 2013 Schedule

The Updated Panagbenga 2013 Traditional Schedule


The Panagbenga Exhibitor’s Day is a new activity this year included in the traditional events, the venue is still to be announced.

The Grand Fireworks display happens in three different locations in Baguio City, the locations are to be determined, to help guide you where you can stay and watch all three fireworks display simultaneously.

You can find the Panagbenga 2013 Community-led Events here

Are you ready for a Blooming Odyssey? Let’s Go to Panagbenga 2013!

2 thoughts on “The Panagbenga 2013 Schedule Update

  1. I am planning to bring my mother to Panabenga in February. She is turning 80, thus has a little difficulty of long distance walking or standing for a long time. I would then like to ask for advice which hotel is the best to book wherein she could watch the grand float parade pass by, from the window or veranda or somewhere from the hotel? I really hope you could give us the hotel with a good view of the parade. And I’m praying that there could be vacancies. Thank uou!

    1. Hi Rosch,

      First of all kudos to you for letting your family enjoy the Panagbenga Festival. As for our experience, last year we watched the festival at the Benguet Prime Hotel maybe you can try calling them up, i believe their contact details are searchable via the internet.

      Hope this helps

      Have a great day!

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