Best Spots to Take Photos During the Panagbenga 2013 Grand Parades

Taken last year during the Panagbenga 2012 Grand Parades

The Panagbenga 2013 highlight in Baguio City is already near and of course many of you might be asking, what are the best spots for me to watch and take photos? To answer this question  I have prepared a simple map that marked the different locations on which you can take photos and watch the parade. Now a little disclaimer though, the spots were marked favoring those who would like to take photos during the Grand Street Dancing and the Grand Float Parade respectively. The reason for this disclaimer is because of the fact that the route where most of the markers are present are the non-presentation route only minimal to no dancing will be done at these areas.

The Panagbenga 2013 Grand Parades Route

The Parade Formation will be from the Panagbenga Park, of course this stretch will depend on the number of participants and number of floats. It may or may not reach as far as that area. Last year we published the Panagbenga 2012 Parade Route, unfortunately this year we were not provided a copy however the route remains to be the same for the past years so you can still use the route we published last year. But if you are looking for the best spots to watch and take photos then you can refer to the map below. Just a quick reminder this map is for those who were not given any Hobbyist ID or Accredited Panagbenga 2013 ID as those with the ID can freely roam within the Parade area.

View Panagbenga 2013 Grand Street Dancing and Float Parade Route in a larger map
In the map you will see markers shaped like a camera, click on the markers to see some tips or description of the area. Although it is not shown in the map the street dancers and floats would mostly be at the left-side/ Porta Vaga side of Session Road and at Harrison road the Paraders will be at the Melvin Jones Grandstand side.

Tips and Remiders When Watching the Panagbenga 2013 Grand Parades

1. If you plan to get one of the “prime” spots along Session Road be there early at around 6am.

2. If you are there early, make sure you have your breakfast, luckily many fastfood chain are open 24 hours along Session Road.

3. It would be difficult to locate a Rest Room unless you are near a establishment at Session Road, so make sure you attend to your physical necessities before going to the parade.

4. Bring food and water, remember to keep hydrated during the parade, although the weather is cool the heat of the sun may still prove to be a health problem.

5. To ensure that everybody can watch the parade sit down and be considerate to the people behind you.

6. For Safety reasons and to ensure that no audience will interfere with the parades ropes will serve as a demarcation line to indicate the audience side and the paraders side, as an audience please do not insist on going over the line.

7. Respect the authorities stationed at the parade routes you can ask them nicely if you need to know something like if you can be allowed to cross the street among others.

8. You will have a chance to take a photo with the floats at the Athletic Bowl or at Camp John Hay when they are displayed so there is no need for you to take a photo of you with the floats while the parade is on-going.

9. If you are a photographer without an accredited ID you might need to bring your long lens to make sure you get the photo that you want.

Taken Last Year’s Panagbenga Grand Float Parade Up Close and Personal

Final Note on the Panagbenga 2013 Grand Parade:

I am sure everyone is really looking forward to the Panagbenga 2013 Grand Street Dancing and Grand Float Parades, for everyone to enjoy we only need to be aware of the needs of others, be considerate, be kind and have fun!

Click on the link for the Panagbenga 2013 Schedule in Baguio City.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. First time to join the Panagbenga. Excited. Traffic is terrible so it seems there will be a lot of walking for the whole day. Trying to figure out where to best position ourselves. Thanks again.

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