Panagbenga 2013 Grand Street Dancing Parade

Once again the streets of Baguio City (From Upper Session Road to Jose Abad Santos Drive) was filled with colorful costumes adorned with different types of flowers. Last February 23, 2013, residents as well as visitors of the City Of Pines witnessed the Panagbenga Grand Street Dancing Parade.

From my observation the number of people who witnessed the Grand Street Dancing Parade was doubled from last year. Even the spots or areas where people are not usually staying at was already occupied. This year, I did not really focus on getting a good spot for photos instead i looked for good spots for my visitors who are bloggers from Cebu and Manila who came to Baguio City to take part in the celebration. We arrived at the upper session road area at about eight in the morning and the parade was about to start. Luckily the parade was just starting at the DILG area so we got a chance to take photos while the PMA Band was dancing Gangnam Style.

Gangnam Style Dance


Thanks to an iPad i have a great view of the presentation

After the presentation i went to the APO park just beside the DILG compound and found a great spot not only for me but also for my blogger friends from Cebu and Manila who are also covering the event at the sidelines, hopefully the Panagbenga organizers will also consider digital media as part of a media group since even well known news magazines are going digital, if you know what happened to Newsweek.

Watch A Quick Video Clip of Panagbenga 2013 Grand Street Dancing Parade

Observations During the Grand Street Dancing Parade

1. There were more people who flocked to the streets of Baguio to Watch the Panagbenga Festival Grand Street Dancing Parade.

2. Spectators were lining the streets as early as 4am although i heard some even went there at around 3 a.m.

3. The presentations were creatively done complete with props and all.

4. Participants from other parts of Cordillera gave an amazing presentation.

5. Presentations depicted the richness of the culture of Cordillera.

6. The participants endured a lot, the heat and even the lengthy parade route as well as performing at the dusty athletic bowl (when are they going to improve the presentation area anyway?)

To the Participants a heartfelt congratulations to all of you! in my books all of you are winners and deserve equal respect. Kudos! and until the Panagbenga 2014 Grand Street Dancing Parade!

Got Close to the Presentation
Really Close


Really Really Close!

Grand Street Dancing Parade Panagbenga 2013 Photogallery

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