Royal Plaza on Scotts- Great Hotel Even Greater Staff

Being the type of person who is easily pleased if you approached me with respect and honesty may be one of my fatal flaws. Sometimes whenever I go to a restaurant or to the department store I easily buy the item if I am approached with such characters. Ok before you start judging me on my standards let me tell my standards are really not that high. Where am I going with this? It was in December when I got that rare chance to be part of a wonderful group of that visited and toured the amazing country of Singapore.

So we arrived from Clark to Singapore and after a great meal at Blue Ginger we are off to the hotel to freshen up. We were told that we are going to stay at the Royal Plaza on Scotts, the night before our flight I was so curious about the hotel that I tried searching for it. Using the AirAsiaGo website I tried  searching for the hotel, the good thing with the AirAsiaGo website is that it does not only make your hotel and flight booking a breeze it also gives valuable information about the different hotels like its ratings from AirAsiaGo as well as the ratings and comments of clients through TripAdvisor. Royal Plaza on Scotts have almost perfect rating on both AirAsiaGo and TripAdvisor, looking at those stars and green circles instantly I was impressed.

The Royal Plaza on Scotts Lobby

Upon arriving at the hotel we were led to a conference room to sort out which key goes to whom. We were informed that our room wasn’t ready so we had to wait for a little while, ten minutes later we got our key and we were off to our room.

Inside the Royal Plaza Room

A Spacious Room for Two

The room was big, you can walk around without bumping into anything. The beds were queen size and the LCD TV mounted on the wall is huge. I especially like the fact that when you turn on the TV you will first see, what I call the Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel Channel where they give you reminders and guides while in the hotel or in Singapore. The reminder about the no smoking policy caught my attention, I thought this is one way to be consistent in implementing their policy.

The Huge LED TV, Believe me its Huge

The Royal Welcome

Sitting on top of the table was a welcome message written by their Marketing and Communications manager, yes, written. I am not sure if their Marketing manager do write these welcome message to every hotel guests but I think the effort and the time spent writing the welcome message for me is truly a Royal Welcome, nothing beats that personal touch.

Royal Amenities

The room was structured in such a way that it would cater to the needs of a family and even those in Singapore for business. They provide complimentary coffee which should be ran in a Nespresso machine, unfortunately I am not allowed to drink coffee so I just settled taking photos of it. The mini-bar contents are all complimentary apart from the bottled water so yey for that! Another thing that impressed me is the ultra-fast internet connection inside our room and even at the hotel lobby, it was only when I am at the hotel that I am able to tweet, and post my status via Facebook and G+ so another yey! For that.

Royal Plaza on Scotts Internet Connection
Your Choice of Coffee
Setting Room Temperature to Baguio Temperature

Huge Breakfast

I Went Back for Seconds

One of the things that I always look forward to staying at a hotel is their food. At Royal Plaza on Scotts they serve breakfast buffet and the buffet choices was huge! From fruits, different types of pastries, a myriad of Chinese and American dishes. During my stay I dove in to their pastries and their fruits, so delicious I just want to stay there.

To Sum it up I have outlined the things that I particularly like and those that which really stood out that makes Royal Plaza on Scotts a must-try hotel.

The Things I Like

  1. Courteous Staff
  2. Wide and Clean Rooms
  3. Complimentary Mini-Bar
  4. Welcome Gift Item
  5. Personalized Welcome Note
  6. The Carousel Restaurant and their Breakfast Buffet
  7. Ultra-Fast In-room internet connection

Things I Don’t Like


Royal Plaza On Scotts a Royal Farewell


Even after our Stay They would give you a Royal Farewell

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This Singapore Trip is Made Possible by AirAsia, AirAsiaGo and the Singapore Tourism Board.



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