A Festival Of Lights The La Union Sillag Festival

Ok so we have the Panagbenga Festival of Baguio City, the Strawberry Festival of La Trinidad and now the Sillag Festival of La Union, North Luzon is definitely rich in culture and festivals which can really make us say that festivals are more fun in the Philippines!

Baguio City and La Union Good Neighbors

La Union is the neighbor of Benguet, from Baguio City it is just a one and a half hour ride. For us living in Baguio City, the province of La Union is our getaway from the cold weather, it is our nearest access to the beach. For those in La Union, Baguio City is a place for commerce and of course a way for them to escape the heat of the lowlands. I should know, i have lived in La Union for almost two years after the 1990 Killer Earthquake and when i was young i mostly spend my summer vacation at my aunt’s place at Pagdalagan Norte San Fernando La Union (whew!).

The Sillag Festival in La Union

Sillag = Moonbeams

It was just last year when i got to know that this festival existed in La Union. My first impression was it is a festival of lights. From what i know Sillag is an Ilocano term which translates to “moonbeams” or the light coming from the moon. I have to say the photos i saw of those who attended the Sillag festival last year made me want to join the fray this year. For those who wants to join in the fun here is the schedule of the Sillag Festival.

La Union Sillag Festival  2013

The Sillag Festival 2013 Schedule

Looking at the schedule the Sillag Festival also features Hot Air Balloons, oh wow! we do not need to go to Pampanga to watch a hot air balloon show. I am particularly excited to witness the street dancing competition (using light emitting costumes), the fluvial parade at night, the hope lanterns and the pyromusical, i believe it is going to be a night of light shows! See you this Sunday La Union!

This Sillag Festival experience  is made possible by one of the family friendly baguio hotel – Azalea Residences and the Hotel Resort Gem of La Union – Thunderbird Resorts.


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