An Easter Fun Fare To Remember At Azalea Residences

For a who was born and raised and lived in Baguio City going to the beach on a Black Saturday and celebrating Easter in the sand (beach sand that is) is supposed to be an annual thing. Blame it on the fact that we live in the mountains and we do not really see the sea that often. However, if you repeatedly do the same activity every year sometimes it motivates you to think of doing something else to make the current year’s celebration different. This was our mindset as Easter draws near up until finally we decided to stay in Baguio to celebrate Easter.

Doing Business on An Easter

Azalea Residences

My family have just entered in a new venture, that is on balloon decoration, balloon sculpting and twisting. Being the first in North Luzon to get into this business we asked one of the hotels in baguio – Azalea Residences to showcase our product. So long story short Garden Balloons became part of the Easter Fun Fare of Azalea Residences. However, with two children in tow we might have a problem on how we could cater to the clients while taking care of our little ones.

One of our Headband Balloons
Easter Balloon Centerpieces


Solving the Problem

So how do we showcase our product while we also take care of our children? Do everything in advance and join in the fun! Garden Balloons’ master balloon sculptor decided to twist the balloons in advance but not wanting our children to be left out in the fun we bought tickets to Azalea Residences’ Easter Fun Fare with the hope that we would enjoy the day easter egg hunting, eating and playing games.

Garden Balloons Master Sculptor At Work

Azalea Residences’ Easter Fun Fare

We bought the tickets for four hundred pesos each, which I think is reasonable. The day started with a liturgical service at 8am and ended at around 9am. We started to display our products which are mostly balloon headbands, and once the children and parents were allowed to enter the event area the headbands disappeared to thin air, everybody wants one. So its time for our master balloon twister to start making more, our case is the same with Baguio Party Land’s face painting, Free Popcorn and free cotton candy everyone has to work double time. So while they make more balloons its time to join in the fun with my daughter. The program started at around 10am but the booths (garden balloons, face painting, popcorn booth, cotton candy booth, horse back photo taking and the photo booth) were already open at 9am. So the children enjoyed the booths while waiting for the program to start.

Liturgical Mass
Facepaiting etc.
Venue Before the Program
The Chef Preparing a Scrumptious Meal

During The Fun Fare Program

The children were excited when everybody were called in to the event area, Azalea Residences staff prepared games and prizes for the children. Their Chef prepared a scrumptious meal for everyone and to top it all off one of Baguio City’s famous dog Doglas. Of course the highlight of the event was the great easter egg hunt. The eggs were hidden around the hotel’s childrens playground some were hidden in between the plants, some were buried under the playground sand, and the golden egg? I don’t know where they hid it but i know who found it! Not us unfortunately.

During the Program
The Fun Azalea GM and Staff
Yummy Treats!
Its Doglas!
Everybody Joining in the Fun!
Congratulations! She found the Golden Egg during the Great Easter Egg Hunt
After the event our little girls enjoyed the hotel’s playground.

The Easter Fun Fare Experience In Conclusion

Setting aside the fact that we had to be at Azalea to showcase our new venture and looking at the entire activity itself. I think overall the event was a success. Also before going to the event all the while i thought that we were the only one’s from Baguio who will be joining their fun easter celebration for I anticipated that every participants may be mostly if not all are hotel guests. This is where i was wrong, i saw some batch mates from boy’s high with their family in tow and some familiar faces who i think are although not sure are from Baguio City. I am glad to know that not all people from Baguio are celebrating Easter at the beach, some would prefer to stay and celebrate it in this cool mountain resort.

We also got to stay at the hotel and saw these Azalea Bath Gels…more on that later…



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