La Trinidad Benguet Strawberry Festival 2013 Schedule

Its the month of March and in Baguio City that means the Panagbenga Festival is over. However for Baguio City’s neighbor, the municipality of La Trinidad, located about three kilometers from Baguio City’s central business district, that means it is the start of their celebration of the Strawberry Festival. The municipality of La Trinidad is known to be the Salad Bowl of the Philippines because of the fact that their main produce are crops used in salads such as lettuce, romaines and other mountain grown vegetables. Apart from that of course La Trinidad is known for one of its tourist spot the strawberry farms where one can pick strawberries for a fee of course. The strawberry of La Trinidad became so famous that it led to other types of products such as the strawberry jams and strawberry wines.

Strawberry Picking Anyone?

This year the Municipality of La Trinidad will highlight the Strawberry through its Strawberry festival. The festival is of course not as grand as the Sinulog or the Panagbenga but I am very sure that they will be showcasing not only the strawberries but also the best of Benguet talents and skills through the different street dancing and cultural parades. I am personally looking forward to the strawberry eating contest as well as the Cake decoration competition, see a pattern here? everything is focused in food. I hope they also have strawberry wine drinking contest, I wonder how would that turn out.

La Trinidad Strawberry Festival 2013 Schedule

The Strawberry Festival 2013 Schedule

I personally hope that the Strawberry festival will be the next BIG festival in the Philippines, this is not an impossible goal it only needs everyone’s participation and cooperation and maybe some more promotion.

Happy Strawberry Festival La Trinidad!

Happy Strawberry Festival!


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