Sun Cellular Name Your Number SIM A Travel Companion

Whenever you are traveling to different places in the Philippines one thing that you should always have is connectivity. For me who likes to travel within and even outside of Baguio City one of my major requirement is connectivity. This is why I always bring with me my mobile phone, let’s face it our mobile phones are already part of our life and for some it is part of their body, if they don’t have it they felt like they are missing a part.

Ok, normally we wouldn’t post anything that are not related to travel in Baguio City, however I would like to share to you how important communication and connectivity is. You of course know that there were about 2.2 million people who watched the Panagbenga 2013 Grand Street Dancing Parade and Grand Float Parade, now i was helping out some visitors from Cebu and Manila to enjoy the parade by getting a good spot along upper session road. During Grand Street Dancing Parade some friends whom i haven’t seen for a long time were also watching the parade and we saw each other accidentally. They were asking for my number to invite me for lunch after the parade to which I declined as I have to take my friend from Cebu and Manila for a Baguio Tour. I ran out of business cards and i am having a hard time remembering my mobile number so i just asked for their number, quite embarrassing as they teased me that i am already experiencing memory gaps.

After the parade and the Baguio Tour i went home and thought i need a mobile number that i should easily recognize so it was finally time to activate Sun Cellular’s Name Ur Number SIM which I got during a dinner with the Cordillera Bloggers and Sun Cellular Representative.

Activating the SIM card is easy, you just need to plug it in your mobile phone (of course), then do the following:

1. Dial *247#

2. An instruction will be prompted on your screen

3. Enter your desired Mobile number, now what you can decide on is the last six digits of your mobile number. If the number is already taken you will be asked to enter a new number or choose from a suggested list of numbers.

4. After entering a unique set of numbers you will receive another screen prompt stating that you have successfully named your number.

That’s it so simple below is a screenshot of the confirmation prompt, for purposes of security i have to block the final 6 digits of my new mobile number but believe me it is something that can easily be remembered. How do I know? I was able to give it to another friend the next day! Indeed a number that you can easily remember can be a handy travel companion especially if you ran out of business cards to give out.

My new Sun Cellular Number

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  1. I visited a Sun Cell Shop last month to get this SIM. i was told it’s no longer available. would have loved to avail of this service 🙁

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