The Sillag Festival Experience 2013

So it is not only Baguio City that is showcasing one of the best festivals North of Luzon. Through the efforts of the BCDA the Sillag Festival in La Union was born. We were so glad that we were invited to attend this two day festivities, however I was only able to attend the second day or the grand finale. Who would have thought that the Sillag Festival is only on its second year and already all roads lead to Thunderbird Resorts the venue of the Festival. Coming from Baguio City one of our problem was transportation, it was a good thing that one of the best hotel in Baguio – Azalea Residences gladly offered our blogger group their van complete with driver. Upon our arrival to the road leading to Poro Point we were surprised on the volume of people going to the venue causing a little bit of traffic. When we arrived at Thunderbird Resorts I saw the free shuttle service that were offered to the residents of La Union.

Free Shuttle Going To Thunderbird Resorts
All Roads Lead To Thunderbird Resorts For the Sillag Festival

Arrival At Thunderbird Resorts

We were gladly welcomed by Joma of Thunderbird Resorts and gave us our all-access media ID, yey for that. One thing i noticed was the striking design of the Thunderbird Resorts Hotel but we are here for the festival so i had to follow where the crowd is going and when followed the road i was led to the huge stage and saw the giant cheques and trophies as prizes for the street dancing competition as well as the other competitions and they are huge prizes!

Some Huge Prizes

Walking Past the Stage

After looking at those huge prizes I proceeded past the stage and saw several stalls selling food kinda reminds me of Session Road in bloom only smaller. After asking around the road i am on is actually the venue for the street dancing parade but since it is a parade of lights it is to start at night time. So while waiting i took photos on the different activities happening around the venue.

Saw this behind the huge stage smile you’re on TV!


Sillag Festival Sends in the Clowns


Send in the Clowns Again

It looks like a lot of fun already while waiting for the sun to set and the festivities’ main events to start. I even saw an airshow, the festivities was just about to start and yet you are already treated to lots of activities and eye catching gimmicks. I almost didn’t know where to look whether towards the sky for the air show, the road for the clown shows, or to the sea for the preparation of the boat light show.

Where To Look? The Airshow?
The Boat Show?

The Sillag Festival PMA Demo

My eyes finally settled when i heard that the PMA demonstration is about to start. For someone from Baguio City of course the Field Demonstration is a common thing but still the PMA performance never ceases to amaze me and since they are performing for the La Union and tourists audience everybody was left in awe and were even startled when the cadets and cadettes fired their rifles. The best part of course was when they danced to the tune of modern music and the giving of calendars and flowers to the audience it really put a smile on the audience faces.

Field Demonstration By The PMA Cadets and Cadettes
Rifle Throwing Field Demo
Field Demo Location
The Spectators lined the Streets

After the Field Demo its time to go around some more and wait for the Sunset, i was informed that the Sunset is spectacular when you view it at the Thunderbird Resorts, it was a cloudy day but the sunset did not disappoint.

Sunset Sillag Festival

As Darkness Falls

As night time approached everyone is anticipating four events, the street dancing parade, the boat light show, the hope lanterns and the grand fireworks display. First stop it was the street dancing parade, unlike for the Panagbenga festival participants do not have to walk that much the start of the parade is just a few meters away from the area where the participants are to perform. It was a good thing that we have our all-access ID i was able to take some photos but still with thousands of spectators it is still kinda difficult to get a decent photo.

Participants During the Street Dancing
The Stage At Night

After the Street Dancing Parade

The street dancing parade was about to end when the participants for the hope lanterns started to launch the sky lanterns. The night sky was again lit with festive colorful sky lanterns and if everybody launch their sky lanterns at the same time the sky would shine even brighter unfortunately this isn’t the case however it still was a sight to behold. What i appreciate about the hope lantern activity is that it is an activity that involves the spectators, by purchasing a sky lantern you can launch your sky lantern during the program.

Spectators Waiting for the Hope Lanterns
Lighting the Sky Lanterns
Hope Lanterns

The Grand Fireworks and Fluvial Parade

After the launching of the hope lanterns its time to light the sky once again with the Grand Fireworks display which also coincided with the lighting of the boats. Now again i do not know where to look whether towards the sea or towards the lighthouse where they are launching the fireworks. Well at least i managed to view both one in front of me and the other to my left.

Grand Fireworks
Fluvial Light Parade
Fireworks Again


















Fluvial Boat Parade
Grand Fireworks Display

The Sillag Festival In Conclusion

On it’s second year the Sillag festival is proving to be a future grand festival event, of course it will take a lot of tweaking before the festival is perfected but not bad for a two day festival. It is our hope that the Sillag festival will grow from a two day event to a week and even up to a one-month event just like that of the Panagbenga Festival. To those who missed the Sillag Festival this year plan your vacation now for the third Sillag Festival in 2014.


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