The 3-Day Sale Survival Guide

First of all let’s makes things clear, i hate shopping, i’d rather wear hand me downs rather than purchase new clothes. However, there are times that you have to visit the shopping mall because of necessity. If you are aware the largest mall in Baguio City regularly holds three day sales, and i have noticed that these are the times when SM City Baguio is packed full of people, sometimes you are unable to do leisure walks anywhere in the Mall. You cannot of course blame those people flocking the mall since the 3-day sale gives the people the opportunity to purchase items they want for a cheaper price without haggling.

First, Observations

1. My first observation is that not only Baguio residents are going to SM Baguio during a 3-day sale, you will notice many are even from the lowlands.

2. The SM Store is packed full of people at specific time of the day.

3. The other stores at SM Baguio like the food establishments are also crowded with customers.

4. Traffic is horrendous especially going up to SM Baguio and their Parking lots are full.

Surviving the 3-day Sale

A Prelude to a 3-Day Sale

With everything happening at the same time, traffic, discounts and a people flocking the mall’s atrium and SM store how do you purchase something you need for the price that you want and survive the entire ordeal? 1. Got Time? Go on a Friday that would be May 3, 2013 from 10am to 12noon. Why? because this is the time when SM Store gives out an extra 10% discount but again it is just a two-hour special discount.

2. Going to purchase items amounting to 2,000 pesos or more?  Do it on a Saturday or a Sunday during the 3-day sale, and make sure it is a single receipt purchase, this way you get a 100 pesos take-back.

3. Using your BDO Credit Card? Going to do a large purchase? You can get a 5% rebate if you do a single receipt purchase amounting to a minimum of 5,000 pesos.

4. Bringing your car? If you are in the Mall early and willing to park for several hours then please do, however if it is already later in the day and you wouldn’t purchase items that would really make bringing your car giving you the convenience that you need then take the taxi, good thing with the location of SM Baguio is that it is frequented by taxi’s.

5. Hungry? SM Baguio have a myriad of food establishments, i personally recommend Gogi Nara at the upper ground floor. They serve Korea Dishes for a very and I mean very reasonable price.

2. Love Gadgets? Take advantage of the offer for you to stand a chance to win a iPad mini 16gb WI-FI + cellular with free globe prepaid sim card and powersurf 99.

3. Need School Supplies? Why not join the “Back to School Supplies event and the Fashion Sense. Well, ok 3-day sales have its positive aspects and negative aspects. However, where you stand may depend heavily on your intention. If you are going to SM Baguio to purchase what you need or want for a cheaper price then you see only the benefits of joining the fray. If you think of your own comfort and would like peace and quiet while at the mall then maybe visiting the parks maybe the best option for you during a 3-day sale at SM. After all it is just a matter of perspective…a blurry perspective maybe? a blerspective?

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