The Ideaspace National Competition Finals 2013

After several months of preparation, the participants for the Ideaspace National Competition 2013 finally are at the last stretch. After some sleepless nights, nervous anticipation, and of course a rigorous series of consultations and pitching with possible companies to sponsor their endeavor they are here out of 700 initial applicants 20 have been chosen to pitch their final product at the Ideaspace National Competition Finals.

Ok well, this is a travel blog but from time to time we also support initiatives to which i think would benefit a lot from knowing the existence of a product, an event or an initiative such as this.

Currently Live Blogging

I am considering a different approach on my blog today by live blogging the event. So far these following teams have already presented their pitch:

1. Safe Cab – a taxi service app

2. AgriTech – An app that will detect changes of water temperature in fish ponds to prevent fish kills.

3. Tech4Health – An app that will help track your blood sugar level.

4. miCab – another taxi service app

5. Nambal – E-medical record

6. Pinoy Travel Online – Bus online reservation system even if you are waiting near the road.

7. Find My Dok – an app that will help you find a doctor in your area.

8. CornerData – an app that will gather data of everything and use that data for other purposes. With CornerData Man a machine that gathers the data.

9. Tudlo – Disaster Response Application, that teaches, guides and points people during times of disaster.

Ok so i can’t keep up with the pace especially without live blog plugin set so i had to stop and tweet and do Facebook post as it is a lot easier using my mobile phone.

Sample Ideaspace Tweet


11. PortfolioMNL

  12. Date Cola

After how many months of developing their ideas, pitching to their possible partners these are the 20 who made it to the national finals. To be included in this elite group is already a prize in itself the exposure they got made some companies interested in their project, one group even got a five million project to develop the technology. And that is just WOW! Imagine the opportunities that opened up for these participants just because of one bright idea. An Inspiring Story Among the 20 finalists the story of one group inspired me a lot. When i was teaching in high school i remember saying to my students when you go into business you just need one great idea and work on that and just focus on making that idea work. Date Cola, a group from GenSan did exactly this, it was a project that was 20-30 years in the making. Their main proponent thought about producing a cola drink using dates (a kind of fruit popular in the middle east), it is considered as a health drink since it uses natural ingredients. What i’ve heard was he patented the idea and some foreign investors expressed interest in partnering with him but he insisted that he wanted this to be a Filipino owned company. However, the Philippines does not produce dates so he tried to import date plants and looked for a suitable planting area in the Philippines where he started to make his dates nursery. So when ideaspace was announced he saw the opportunity to make the entire project a reality through the funding that will be given apart from the different other incentives. The Top 10 Winning Ideas The judges had a difficult time choosing the top 10 Ideas, im sure of that. Unlike other contests the Ideaspace really gives chance to as many startups as possible in this case ten of them. These ten will receive half a million pesos each and housing, mentoring, legal services among others which are estimated to be about two million pesos worth. Here are the top 10 Winning Ideas

*Mirand here is Asian Fit the name of their team is Mirand and the project is called Asian Fit.
Congratulations to all the winners and as I’ve said all participants are already winners!

Thoughts and Conclusion

The Ideaspace is more of an advocacy rather than a contest, I say this because it promotes the talents, skills and creativity of the Filipinos. I call the Academe especially in Baguio City to join in this type of endeavor, when i was teaching in high school i thought what is the point of asking students to do a project where after checking them it ends up in the trash? That is creativity wasted, so i began to scour the internet to make a project useful so for our web design class I integrated the contest Cyberfair where they create an advocacy website or a website that focuses on the Social Good, this way at least their project is not only limited in school rather their creativity is seen by the whole world who knows this will further inspire them to further their skills. I have seen lots of Universities doing research exhibits however the question is after the exhibit what happened to the projects? It is actually stored in a “bodega” somewhere only to be forgotten again another creative idea wasted. I have full of hopes for the Filipino startups and filipino mind and creativity the only thing is our schools have this system that does not bring such ideas to reach the next level. I believe that with Ideaspace these creative ideas will have an opportunity to reach that next level win or lose at least you have reached that level and have learned something in the process. A call to instructors and teachers, to the passionate ones, you do not want your students’ idea to just die a natural death apart from clerical work or meeting the deadlines on your paper don’t you think you should go an extra mile and help your students’ creativity and idea flourish? If you are afraid to fail, I tell you regret is much scarier.

Congratulations to the organizers and partners of ideaspace as this is really a project that powers the Filipino startups! A call to Baguio City residents I know you also have your own big Idea don’t let lack of funds or legal know-how prevent you from implementing your idea find a way and I believe with Ideaspace you will have that opportunity!

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