Im A Traveling Man – From Manila to Bohol

So after a scrumptious dinner and a restful evening at One Greenbelt Hotel i woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. My flight to Bohol leaves at around 6am so following the standard airport protocol i had to be at NAIA Terminal at around 4am. I really do not want to wake up early since the bed at One Greenbelt Hotel was so comfy and warm. However, i had to drag my feet if i want to reach my next destination on time. After taking a shower and packing my things i checked out of the hotel at around 3:30AM, the front office staff was so helpful that checkout was a breeze he even offered to get a cab for me to take going to the Airport. From One Greenbelt Hotel I spent around eighty to one hundred pesos for the cab fare, not bad if you are after the comfort of traveling from Makati to NAIA Terminal 3.

At the Airport

It is actually my first time to go through airport processes from getting your boarding pass to check-in. The process was a breeze as there are not many people lining up. It took me ten minutes to go through the process then i found myself waiting for my flight at the pre-departure area.

Finally Boarding time, the overall flight experience was good except for a pressure problem that produced pain in my left eye socket.

Upon arriving in Bohol and as I step out of the airplane you can feel that warm but fresh air in the morning. As I walk towards the airports you can feel the heat as the sweat trickled down from my eyebrow. Once we reach the arrival area at the Tagbilaran airport the air became cool because of the air conditioning unit located at the different parts of the airport arrival area. At this time the pain in my left eye socket subsided but i can still feel remnants of it.

As we got out of the airport we are greeted by lots of people with placards on their hands, patiently waiting for tourists who contracted their accommodation in advance. So for a convenient transportation from the airport to your hotel you might wanna inform the hotel you are booking with on your need for transportation, some of the hotels or resorts are located on another island and its about 20 minutes ride from the airport, so make sure you avail of the hotel transportation.

So finally i am in Tagbilaran City Bohol, and the following are what happened during my stay in this paradise island.






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