Im A Traveling Man – From Baguio To One Greenbelt Hotel

I will never leave Baguio City, so i say. However during the last quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 i have been traveling within the Philippines and once outside of the Philippines. I could have said no to any of the invitations but i find such travels to be opportunities that may come only once. So why not visit other places while its “kinda” free? So i was invited to give a talk on how to create your online presence, a project by the Hotel and Resort owners as well as the LGU in Bohol. Without butting an eyelash i agreed to give a talk. So my travel from Baguio to Bohol began. I had to travel from Baguio to Manila via Bus then take a plane from Manila to Tagbilaran City. Good thing about it is that there are ready and comfortable transportation going to Manila then Tagbilaran. I got on the executive coach of Genesis bus the JoyBus and i was impressed with their bus’ amenities. Inclusive in your 685 pesos fare from Baguio to Pasay terminal are the following:

a. Bottled Water

b. Snacks (2 packs of Voice Crackers)

c. Blanket

d. In-bus movie

e. A very comfortable lazy boy chair

f. Aircon

The bus travel from Baguio to Manila is non-stop it would only stop at the Cubao and Pasay terminals respectively.


I reached Pasay at around 5pm-6pm (lost track of time), an i took a taxi from the terminal to One Greenbelt Hotel, one of the newest hotel in Makati. This is where stayed for the night since my flight is at 6am the next day. When going to this hotel you must inform the taxi driver that the hotel is located along Arnaiz Avenue and Greenbelt Drive since the hotel name is still new. I later found out that the hotel was reconstructed and rebranded. Everything looks new at One Greenbelt Hotel and i liked it! Although One Greenbelt Hotel is near the Greenbelt Mall i was so tired that i just wanted to eat dinner and sleep to prepare for my travel the next day. Since i stayed inside my room i just took some photos before i rested for the night. Here are some of the photos i took:



 Where is One Greenbelt Hotel Located?

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