Going Off The Beaten Path

Let me get one thing straight, i am not a travel blogger, i am more of a tourism blogger (if there is such a thing). I would like to help tourists find their way not only in Baguio City but also in other places i have gone to. I have been following lots of travel bloggers here and abroad and one thing that they have in common is most of them would like to go “off the beaten path”.

Trying to Beat the Path

What is Off The Beaten Path?

Basically it means that you travel where no other person has gone before or at least somewhere that tourists do not frequent. So when you get to Baguio City you do not go to the familiar tourist destinations like Burnham Park or Camp John Hay. A person looking for the “off the beaten path” may want to go around the City and look for something different, something the locals would know but not the tourists.

Why Go “Off the Beaten Path”?

For some travelers who would like something different in their travel experience finding the “off the beaten path” may be something that they would enjoy. This is because of the following:

1. Going “off the beaten path” gives you the feeling of excitement going in a place not many  would frequent.

2. You get the feeling that you have gone where no tourists have gone before.

3. You get first dibs on the places’ undiscovered beauty.

4. You have already beaten the path.

If you think that going “off the beaten path” is exciting don’t jump into it yet, as you have to understand that there are also some risks and these are:

1. Security Risk – going off the beaten path opens you up to security risks, since you will be going somewhere that are not exactly part of the tourist destination, police presence maybe scarce.

2. Health Risks – going somewhere people do not frequent maybe because of the fact that it exposes you to health risks. There are places where certain insects, animals or bacteria thrives which is why it is not frequented by people.

Therefore if you think you want to travel “off the beaten path” you have to do your part and do not just go to the place you think is worth being called “off the beaten path”. One thing you have to do is research. Because of the internet you can definitely conduct a research about the place, research for security risks and health risks. Find out the peace and security situation of the place as well as the different poisonous insects and animals that you may encounter.

So Is Going Off The Beaten Path The Right Path?

To answer the question: NO! The right path would be the path that would make you enjoy your travel. Besides if it is your first time to visit a place that for you is your own “off the beaten path”.



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