The Top-Notch Hotel In Puerto Princesa – First Impressions

My Family and I have stayed in quite a number of hotels already, the nature of my work and community services allows me to do that. Recently, I have stayed in a hotel the claims to be Top-Notch, which got me wondering what does top-notch really mean? In today’s world, the shift of power to the consumer brought about by social media dictates that every business that claims they are the best or the top in their field must always live up to their claim. As a person who was born and raised in Baguio City I imbibed the passiveness of the people, I find myself not talking much and was ok with the idea of not talking to people when it is not necessary or if I’ve got nothing to say.

The Top-Notch Service

So after an interesting flight experience from Manila to Palawan, we finally arrived at the Puerto Princesa Airport.

Modest Puerto Princesa Airport

Once I got through getting our bags we are finally officially setting foot in Puerto Princesa, you see not everyone especially from Baguio City gets the chance to visit this majestic place. Just like my experience in Bohol there are people outside waiting with the placards and most of them are there to fetch their hotel guests.

We are booked at Centro so I quickly looked for someone holding the Centro placard, I did not notice it but I hear the guy shouting “Centro”, “Centro”.  Finally I found him, I told him my name and he told me to wait as they bring in the Van, I was not sure though if I am talking to the right guy because when he glanced at his guest list my name wasn’t there or I may have just missed it. So we stayed at the side of the Waiting area and sat down on one of the concrete benches.

Finally, I saw a Van with the Hotel Centro logo on it but was told to wait, some of the guests already boarded the van but we were still told to wait. Several minutes after the Hotel Van left we were still at the waiting area and some other hotels are already asking if we already have a ride to our hotel, I just said yes we are just waiting for it. Then another van came this time it’s a tourist van and was told by the guy holding the placard to board it and he politely told me that he is sorry for keeping us waiting, he got another van for us so that we would not be crowded in the Hotel Van and true to his words there are only four passengers inside the van that took us to the hotel. An explanation which is of course acceptable, all the doubts I’m having about the hotel flew out of the window.

The Hotel Van

It was about ten to fifteen minutes ride from the airport to Hotel Centro. Upon disembarking, the Assistant Front Office Manager greeted me and asked how the flight was and started chatting with me, I haven’t entered the hotel lobby and already I felt at home. I was so tired but kept my focus as the Assistant Front Office Manager processed our documents for check-in and in a matter of two minutes I found myself in front of the elevator going up to our room.

Top Notch Rooms

We got a triple sharing deluxe room, as we entered the room the ambiance was quite nice, cool in fact despite the Summer Heat. There is a one queen sized bed and a single bed, a minibar which contains beverages as well as pack of Island Kasuy or Cashew nuts which I think is one of Puerto Princesa’s must buy product. There is a huge flat screen T.V. on the wall and a dresser with a small locker where you could place all your valuables. I was a very tiring travel from Baguio to Manila then Manila to Puerto Princesa so when we arrived I just wanted to wash up and sleep. When I entered the bathroom I washed up and it’s a good thing that I did not have any trouble using the faucet and shower on when or not to turn on the hot water.

Complete Toiletries

After a refreshing shower, after getting out of the shower I found my family already asleep, I guess they were tired too! As I lay my head on the soft pillows I could feel how tired I am and it’s a good thing that I am sleeping on a very comfortable bed, a very comfortable room and truly I can say our stay in this Hotel in Puerto Princesa is going to be top-notch.

Pororo At Hotel Centro

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