Breakfast at Expressions Cafe – Starting Day 1

Waking up was so difficult to do, considering that our hotel room ambiance is really calling us to continue sleeping. If not for the thought of buffet breakfast I would have taken half of the day sleeping. But the needs of my stomach are paramount to the needs of my back. So I pulled myself up turned on the T.V. which in turn woke my daughter and wife. I decided to wash up by taking a quick shower, who could resist the fresh flowing water coming from your shower in the morning? If you are from Baguio City taking a bath early in the morning is not really a welcoming thought, but in Puerto Princesa it is something to look forward to, or maybe I just enjoyed showering.

Breakfast At Expressions Café

I was still feeling sluggish as we walked along the third floor corridor of Hotel Centro, I can feel my body being pulled back to the Hotel Room. After shaking of that feeling we boarded the elevator, did you know that there is  a code to enter a secret floor? more on that later, the hotel restaurant is at the left side of the hotel after you get out of the elevator, past the guided tour information desk. We went in to the Restaurant where we were greeted by the restaurant staff and she guided us to our table, talk about good service, a good start that what I thought. The breakfast at the Expressions Café is buffet-style, of course one could expect nothing less from the top-notch hotel in Puerto Princesa. During our stay, the food served are some fruits, bread with jam and butter, ham, rice, eggplant fritters with marinara sauce, ham, the famous lamayo and some kind of sausage.

Impressions On Expressions

Preparing The Buffet

There are a lot of choices when it comes to the Expressions Café breakfast buffet. I specially loved the slices of watermelon, pineapple and papaya. Their constant supply of bread that you can toast through their “salamander-like” toaster with conveyor belt topped with jam and butter satisfied my sugar tooth. Did I mention the soup? If not well they provide a do it yourself noodle soup with different choices of toppings again good but not as delicious as the Chow Long in Viet Ville, more on that later. Overall the breakfast buffet will really satisfy every craving you have and will certainly give you the energy throughout the day especially if you planned something awesome for that day. As for me and my family we headed back to our room as I have to finish my presentation for an event in the evening but we planned to tour Puerto Princesa City after lunch.


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