Puerto Princesa City Tour – Baker’s Hill And Mitra Ranch

Traveling to Puerto Princesa is incomplete if you do not visit Bakers Hill and Mitra Ranch. Ok well, it could still be complete but if you want to buy some goodies for the people waiting for you at home then Baker’s Hill is the place to be. Where does Mitra Ranch fit in all these? Well Mitra Ranch is just beyond Bakers hill so if you are going to Baker’s Hill you might as well visit Mitra Ranch.

It was around four in the afternoon when we left the Crocodile Farm in Irawan, we proceeded next to Baker’s Hill, but kuya Bert said we should visit Mitra Ranch first before going to Baker’s Hill, and since he is the expert we just let him lead the way. We soon realized that Mitra Ranch is just beyond Baker’s Hill so it would be wise to visit Mitra Ranch First then go to Baker’s hill on our way back to  the main road. The road to Mitra Ranch and Baker’s Hill is uphill, yes that is why they call it a hill, so after a long tricycle ride going up Barangay Sta. Monica we finally reached Mitra Ranch

What To Do in Mitra Ranch

Also known as the Sta. Monica Ranch, Mitra ranch is more of an attraction now rather than a ranch, i just saw few cows at a grazing lot near the entrance to the ranch. One thing you can do at Mitra Ranch is to ride a horse going around the allowable areas in the ranch, for 50pesos you could kill some time while riding a horse. It will however just take around five to ten minutes for a horse ride, so do not expect something similar to a horse ride in Baguio City’s Wright Park. The best thing about Mitra Ranch is that it is located on top of the hill so the air is much cooler and you can feel the nice sea breeze coming from Honda Bay. Yes, the view is also beautiful, you can see the entire Honda Bay and some of the islands. It was so beautiful that i just spent most of the time sitting down on the benches and look at the view. While seated on the bench i asked Kuya Bert about Mitra Ranch and he told me that the pyramid-like house was the first house in Sta. Monica hill and owned by the former speaker of the house, Ramon Mitra. Then he directed my attention just downhill from where we were seated and pointed out the Zip Line, another attraction at Mitra Ranch. After a 50 pesos horse ride and some minutes resting on the bench we decided to proceed to Bakers Hill.

The View of Honda Bay

What’s Baking At Bakers Hill?

Inside Baker’s Hill

Honestly, i didn’t know what to expect at Baker’s Hill, but as soon as we entered the gates of Baker’s hill my eyes widened, well not that wide but still. Anyway, Baker’s hill is like a Christmas village with lots of life size statues.

You Will See A lot of These in Bakers Hill

As my friend Jester oriented me before going  to Puerto Princesa, “you will spend most of your time in Bakers Hill taking photos with your family” and yes that’s what pretty much you will do add of course the fact that you will spend another portion of your time buying their famous hopia and other baked goods. There are also some restos in Bakers Hill so the best time to go there would be during lunch time. Unfortunately for us we went there in the afternoon so no food for us since we were still full.

Nobody Will Clean Up Your Mess, CAYGO


Free Use of Comfort Rooms
A Donation Will Do

For Families with small children, Baker’s Hill is a good place to go to because they have a mini playground where your children can play while you check out the other places at Bakers Hill. One of the magnificent things i saw in Bakers hill is not the view but the symbol of Puerto Princesa, the Peacock. They have several peacocks and the best thing about it during our visit one peacock displayed its beauty.

The Magnificent Peacock of Puerto Princesa

Thoughts and Conclusions

Going to Mitra Ranch and Baker’s Hill might be difficult if you are to ride public transport, it would be to your convenience if you hire a tricycle to bring you there and fetch you at the same time. I would not recommend getting a tour van since your time there would be very limited as what i’ve observed with the people who came in a tour van, five minutes in Mitra Ranch is not enough if you want to enjoy the cool air that is also the same for Baker’s Hill especially if you have children in tow who would like to play at the playground. Prepare some money if you want to buy some pasalubong at Baker’s Hill or if you want to Eat at one of their restaurants. Although we were not able to eat at any of their restaurants I was glad that we tried their shake and the Kamias Shake is a must try, very refreshing yet not really sour, it has a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavor, definitely a perfect drink to cap a wonderful city tour.

The Awesome Kamias Shake

Total Amount Spent:

P600 tricycle Rental for half day City Tour From Crocodile Farm to Bakers Hill

P80 Pesos entrance fee at Crocodile Farm

P50-100 Pesos for the Kamias Shake

Note: there are more things to see at Baker’s hill some photos here are not shown in order not to kill off the excitement and the so-called “wow factor”.



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