The Gypsy’s Lair An Art Restaurant in Puerto Princesa

It was past 12 in the afternoon when i finally finished my presentation, so we still have some time to kill before the event in Puerto Princesa. The question then lingered in our mind…what to do? Finally, we decided to do a City Tour of Puerto Princesa after getting lunch of course. My friend gave a list of recommended places to eat so i looked at them and decided to go to Gypsy’s Lair. We boarded the tricycle and asked Kuya Bert (the tricycle driver) to bring us to Gypsy’s. Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe is located at the Mercado De San Miguel right across a popular “pasalubong” Shop the Isla de Kasoy. We arrived there at around 1pm and we were the only customers there. There is a very simple explanation for this though, most of the tourists are outside the City Area either visiting the Underground River or Honda Bay or just like us they might be having their City tour. The Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe has two sections, the Al Fresco and the Indoor Dining Area, since it is the middle of the day and the weather is hot we opted to stay at the indoor dining area where the air is cooler due to the air-conditioning. Once you enter, you will realize why it is called an Art Cafe, similar to Baguio City’s Tam-Awan Village restaurant and OMG Restaurant, Gypsy’s is decorated with paintings and other types of Art. Well this is what you can expect from an Art enthusiast from Baguio City, yes the owner of Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe is a lady from Baguio.

Artsy Counter


Light Art
Artist Table

Gypsy’s Menu

There are a lot of food choices at Gypsy’s although i was expecting more of a Mediterranean or Middle Eastern meal on the menu it was fine for me since it is understood that they cater more to the taste of the locals. So for refreshments we ordered the Iced Tea Slush and the Pandan Ice Tea, both lived up to its name and it tasted as I’ve expected. For lunch we ordered the Humba and the Spare Ribs. When the food came, we were happy to see how the presentation was done, two rice servings, one heart-shaped the other star shaped, a side dish of vegetable salad and the Humba or the Spare Ribs. I love how the meat on the spare ribs just separate from the bone, the sauce was delicious. I cannot say the same for the Humba though, it was kinda sweet for my taste, maybe it was cooked that way however it’s looks could be deceiving as it looked more of an Adobo, also i got more shards of bones rather than meat. To cap off our lunch at Gypsy’s we also ordered a pot of their lemon grass tea, there was nothing special in the preparation of the tea, nope no tea ceremonies, the tea came from a tea bag placed inside the pot, i am a tea drinker, so i find nothing special however i love the small cups and the pot, one order of tea could be shared by four or five people. For dessert, we ordered their what i call the “Kakanin Ala mode” its sweet sticky rice with ice cream on top, creative eh? I loved that actually, i never thought you could put ice cream on top of a popular local filipino dessert.


Iced Tea Slush

Spare Ribs

The Humba

Pot O’ Tea

Gypsy’s Service

One of the things that we applaud more about Gypsy’s is the warmth of the staff that they give to their guests. We asked too many questions not only about the food, the history of and about the owner of Gypsy’s and every time we asked their staffs were very glad to answer, enthusiastic even. I’d always recommend establishments that gives great customer service because that means they really do care about their clients.

Thoughts And Conclusion

If you are asking yourself where to eat in Puerto Princesa? Then, I’d recommend Gypsy’s Lair Art Cafe, they have a good selection of food and drinks in their menu and they even have palm readings to give the cafe that extra gypsy lair feel. As for the price though, it is not for backpackers who are on strict budget, we spent around 900 pesos for three iced drinks, a pot of tea, a dessert, and two meals, hmmm..i guess its not that expensive after all? If i were to visit Puerto Princesa again, i would definitely pay Gypsy’s Lair a visit just to try their spare ribs and Kakanin Ala Mode.

Through the Gypsy’s Glass

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