SMART Pays IT Forward In Baguio City

True to its commitment on helping people through technology SMART launched their #payITfwd campaign in Baguio City. Last July 16, 2013 SMART held their #payITfwd project in the City of Pines and the date couldn’t be more perfect. Why? It is because it was July 16, 1990 when the killer earthquake struck Baguio City. It was on this day 23 years ago where many people died and many people were trapped under the rubbles, but this is also the day when the human spirit and the extraordinary ability to help was brought out from within the people of Baguio, i guess you could say it was the day heroes were born. Twenty-three years after, that heroism still lives, some people in Baguio still do selfless acts without expecting anything in return but only the altruistic feeling that they get knowing that they have contributed to the public in general. Today our heroes are pushing for their advocacy, whether to protect the environment, to help in the education of less fortunate children, to preserve the heritage sites of the city or just to help people learn technology for free, every advocacy will help people one way or the other.

The challenge of these advocacy however, is of course funding. To overcome that challenge sometimes our heroes are already spending money out of their own pocket and savings, just to make sure that the project will push through. SMART recognizes the challenges that our modern day heroes face this is why they launched the #payITfwd project which aims to recognize ten advocacy projects and reward them with basic technology package as well as fifty thousand pesos seed funding.

This Project by SMART was launched in different key cities in the Philippines and thankfully they also launched it in Baguio City.

Meet Our Baguio City Heroes



Preserving what’s left of Baguio City’s heritage is the advocacy of Sir Art Tibaldo. He is currently pushing for the preservation of the Baguio Post Office and such be declared as a National Heritage Site.

Arvin from Tam-awan villages’ advocacy is to preserve and promote Arts, Baguio City is a haven for artists and Tam-awan village make sure that artists have a home in Baguio.

In Conclusion:

The event was a night of fun and awareness, some people in Baguio City are now aware of the different advocacy which they can help support by providing donations or providing their time to help out. We are also made aware the SMART Communications is not only a company that is focused on technology and selling their products but they also have that corporate responsibility in giving opportunities to people who really deserves it. If you are an individual or a group with an advocacy, let your advocacy be heard and maybe recognized through SMART’s #payITfwd project. And by the way, Congratulations to the lady who won an iPad mini during the event!

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