Save More At SM’s 3-Day Sale

Tomorrow is SM’s 3-Day sale, now i wonder would i be able to save if i buy on those days? Well, i have been at SM for these past few days and there are things that i would like to buy, however, it was twice that i was discouraged by the salespersons. Discouraged not because they didn’t want the department store to lose customers but rather they have advised me that i could get the same item for a lower price if  i just wait for just a few more days and purchase it during their 3-day sale. Their advise makes sense since aside from getting more savings by purchasing during their 3-day sale i would also be able to practice patience and avoid being an impulsive buyer, so no toys for my daughter for now. Some people would say that sales are just some marketing ploy and that you would instead shell out more money than you need, that may be true if you do not know how to use the “sale” to your advantage. Here are some tips on how you can use the 3-day sale to your advantage:

SM Baguio 3-Day Sale

1. Get There Early – The 3-day sale at SM Baguio will give an additional 10% discount on the already existing discount but for a limited time only, it is a 2-hour special that would start from 9 in the morning.

2. Use Your BDO Credit Card – if you have a BDO credit card you get an additional 5% rebate for every Php.5,000 single receipt purchase.

3. Get your 100 pesos coupon – for those who cannot make it on Friday for the 2 hour special you can get a 100 pesos coupon for every 2000 pesos single receipt purchase on Oct. 19 and Oct.20.

These are the three ways for you to save during the SM 3-day sale, just make sure to buy what you need and not what you want.

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