We’re Back In Baguio City

After a very long hiatus, we’re back in Baguio City. No, we did not literally travel outside Baguio, well for some parts of it anyway, but it is not really the main reason why we have been offline and not blogging for a long time. We have been working on a website for the people of Baguio City and this website’s aim it to connect all residents of Baguio by sharing news, photos, classifieds among others that are all happening in the City of Pines. The name of the website is connectbaguio.com, this website is powered by Google and it is a hyperlocal site.

More on Connect Baguio

To connect all residents we decided to make the platform to be open to anyone who would like to post anything about Baguio City, of course this website is moderated so that we would only be posting relevant and “clean” topics. Clean means the post is not tainted with malicious intentions.

Benefits of Connect Baguio

The site is FREE to use, you can immediately post your news, photos and what not on the site and share it via social media, of course you have to have a gmail account to login to the site, which is a free email account from Google. For the residents of Baguio one of the benefits is real time information, there are news happening in the City on a daily basis, this is why it is important to share them via this website since it is confined only in the City of Pines. Another benefit would be the fact that businessmen could use the classifieds section for free and advertise their business without any cost. Of course another benefit is that people from Baguio and those who would like to read the news in the City of Pines would get the information in real time.

Use Connect Baguio

We urge you to make use of the hyperlocal site for Baguio City, this way we all get the said benefits and maybe some more. Again for you to post your classifieds, news among others you should have your gmail account username and password with you. Make the information for Baguio accurate and helpful to everyone interested in the City of pines.

 Where does Lakbay Baguio Come in?

Lakbay Baguio is different from connectbaguio.com this is because of the fact that we are promoting Baguio City as a tourist destination for tourists in Lakbay Baguio, while for connectbaguio we are promoting the locality to local folks and tourists alike, where it is encouraged for viewers to post their news, events among others in Baguio City. So if you want to contribute content to the site register with a free gmail account.


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