Introducing The Restaurants in Baguio – Ketchup Food Community

When you visit Baguio City, one thing that I’m sure you are excited about is the cool weather, don’t worry, you are not alone. Thousands of tourists who flock in the City of Pines are actually looking forward to experiencing the cool weather especially so that it is the one place where you get cold weather in a tropical country. But of course aside from the weather basic human need like food is also necessary, this is why we all ask the question “where to eat?”, being a tourist of course you would want to try something new, different and in extreme cases you want something that Andrew Zimmern is having, if you know what i mean.

The Challenge of A Tourist In Baguio

The City is a highly urbanized so it is common to see food establishments that are familiar to you like the different restaurant chains. If you are craving for a Baguio City “born and raised” restaurant, well the choices are also endless. In a way it is a good thing because you are given lots of choices but on the other hand it is a bad thing because well…you are given lots of choices.

Im sure you have gone back and forth deciding on where you should eat, and the thing is you always end up choosing something you are already familiar with because you finally decided in favor of convenience, i say to you…where is the adventure in that? Don’t get me wrong getting into the safe side is our way of self-preservation. Anyway, if you want a little bit of an adventure by trying out what restaurants in Baguio City can offer without the worries of having to eat something you wouldn’t like, you should go to a place where you are given the right amount of choices and i don’t mean the food court, because the choices there are just too much!

The Ketchup Food Community

What do you do with an empty land, near one of Baguio’s famous tourist destination? Why not convert it into a food community where you not only help tourists find a place to eat quality food but also help entrepreneurs become successful in the food business. The concept of Ketchup Food community is to give tourists, residents and foodies five different choices of meals by housing five different restaurants within the said land. The structures were designed in order to make diners feel the weather while dining, you are given that al fresco feel, since the place is need a patch of pine trees the weather is really cold so if you go there at night make sure to bring your jacket or you could order soup.

The Ketchup Food Community is made up of five restaurants, owned by entrepreneurs in Baguio City, the following are the restaurants and their particular specialties:

1. Rumah Sate – Indonesian and Malaysian Cuisine, their Laksa is one of the best we’ve tasted and best part is you can tell them the chili level that are infused in your food.

2. Green Pepper – A taste of local and international cuisine from Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich to the Kiniing (Smoked Pork in Tamarind Broth)

3. Canto – The home of Lomo Ribs and yes their version is the best we’ve had so far.

4. Rancho Norte – Serves Filipino cuisine, their sisig and pinakbet are truly a must try.

5. Happy Tummy – Thai Food Restaurant, their Flying Tilapia (Fried Fish with Thai sauce) is simply delicious.

We will be giving you a more detailed review of each of this restaurants in our coming posts.

Tips When In Ketchup Food Community:

The place is usually full on a weekend, so you might wanna be prepared to wait, there is a comfy seat at the middle of the Food Community where you can wait.

Cannot decide on what to order? Why not order the specialties from each of the restaurant? Yes, you can cross order just ask the waitress and they would be glad to take the order for you even if it is from the other restaurant within the community. Also you do not need to pay separately for food ordered at the other restaurants in the community, simple and convenient.

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