Holiday Brunch At Azalea Residences Baguio

You hear it every now and then “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, this is because of the fact that this is the first meal that you will be having after “fasting” through the night. For someone like me who sleep late and wake up relatively late, breakfast turns into Brunch, good thing about it is that i can combine two meals in a day. I’ve heard of breakfast buffet and in Baguio City there are several restaurants offering breakfast buffet for a reasonable price. But what if you are just like me, a tad late for breakfast but too early for lunch kinda person, you wouldn’t be able to have that opportunity to try out any breakfast buffets offered by restaurants in the City.

Holiday Brunch Buffet at Azalea Residences

Good thing however that on December 21-30, 2013 from 11am-2pm Azalea Residences’ flagship restaurant, Tradisyon, will be offering a Brunch Buffet. For only P350 per adult you can already enjoy the different brunch food prepared by their international chefs. The best part of this is to keep to the tradition to which Azalea Residences is know for, as a family fun hotel in Baguio City, children 11 years old and below accompanied by a paying adult can eat for Free! Yes, free!

For Starters…

Holiday Brunch Buffet Experience

I had the opportunity to sample Azalea Residences’ brunch buffet and i was actually worried about gaining more weight, most of my favorite were served from Baguio Longganisa to Southern Fried Chicken. So let’s start with the breakfast part, the buffet includes Cereal, sliced bread which you can top with their homemade fruit jam or you could mix it with their homemade peanut butter. When i say homemade these were actually made in the kitchens of Tradisyon following the recipe of their renowned chefs.

My Breakfast


You can also enjoy different kinds of sliced fruits from watermelon to cantaloupe. As Filipino’s of course breakfast for us includes a cup or two of rice and viands, i especially recommend their Baguio Longganisa and their corned beef, to be honest after tasting their corned beef i never even thought of eating out of the can corned beef, i don’t know but my tastebuds only wants Tradisyon corned beef, i heard it was also homemade. You must try it and im sure you will now be able to differentiate a good corned beef from a canned corned beef which has too much preservatives.


My Lunch

For the Weight Watchers

They also serve salads with different types of dressings, You can really see how fresh are the vegetables, well of course because they only buy it straight from the Salad Bowl of the Philippines, talk about supporting local communities. Unfortunately, with so much food i was not able to try out their salads during their brunch buffet but was able to try it out on previous occasions and it was delish.

Fruits and Cereals and Yes They do Have Salads

Bang For Your Buck

For 350 per person on an eat all you can brunch buffet this is definitely really affordable. With that amount of money you could even treat your friends this holiday season without you worrying if they had enough to eat. For a family of four with children 11 years or under it’s like eating for four at the price of two a deal that you can’t resist! Best thing? There are lots of choices for the whole family!


Choices Choices and that’s just one section


“For Breakfast Eat Like A King…Share Your Lunch with Your Friend…Give Your Dinner to Your Enemy”

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