8 Things You Will Experience In An Eight Degrees Weather

Cold Baguio City

Baguio City experienced one of its coldest weather in several years, at 8.1 degrees Celsius it made a lot of people do thing they wouldn’t do in a tropical country, it even make social media platforms abuzz about the cold temperature. From being excited about the cold weather transitioning to curses about the cold weather. Here are eight things that you will experience in an 8 degrees weather.

1. Winter Clothes is In – yes in an 8 degrees temperature or even at 11 degrees you will definitely bring out your winter clothes. You do want to protect yourself from the cold. And when we say winter clothes it includes your scarf, bonnets and gloves aside from thick jackets.

2. Crave for a Hot Beverage – because of the cold weather you would want to drink a hot beverage, whether it is coffee, tea or coco. Sometimes you order the hot beverage not really to savor the taste of that drink but more often than not you use the hot cup to heat up your hands.

3. Boil Water For Washing – this includes washing of your hands and face in the morning and evening. Yep boiling water is a normal practice when Baguio weather becomes cold, for purposes of bathing and washing. Water coming from the tap as well as from your tank would actually feel like ice water this is why it is important to boil water first and mix it with the cold water to make sure that the water temperature is just right for washing and bathing.

4. Lip Balm is Imperative – because of the cold weather and the addition of moderate to strong winds blowing, you will definitely start to have dry skin, and your lips would really start to crack, this is why Lip balm is imperative, so if you haven’t used lip balm before this might be a good time while you are in Baguio City.

5. Fire up Your Fireplace – most of the old houses in Baguio City has its own fireplace because of the fact that way back during the 60’s or earlier Baguio weather is really cold, in fact eight degrees is not the lowest recorded temperature in the history of Baguio it was 6 degrees during the 1960’s. So many of the houses in Baguio has fireplace however because of the increase in the temperature the fireplace become decorative rather than functional in purpose, well not in an 8 degree weather, you will certainly fire up your fireplace.

6. Bring out those thick blankets – remember those thick blankets sent by your relatives from abroad and wouldn’t know if you could really use it? Well this is the time to bring them out. Finally you will be able to use that thick blanket that you have stored for a very long time, well if you’re in Baguio you actually use them every January when the temperature drops.

7. Soup Time – restaurants serving soups and ramens is definitely thriving these days. Because of the cold weather people would also crave for noodle soups, sometimes some people would eat chicken noodle soup not by choice. Why? Well because chicken noodle soup is said to be good for treating the common cold so those who got sick because of the cold weather would have to eat noodle soup. Now if you are in Baguio City and want to dine out for soup, we recommend Central Park’s Hot and Sour Soup, Mommy Rose’ Noodle Soup or Good Taste’s Chicken, Beef Wanton Soup.

8. See Your Breath – One of the fun things that you will experience in a cold weather is to literally “see your breath”. For lack of appropriate term this is actually the vapor or steam coming out of your mouth when you talk or breathe through your mouth. Many would pretend as if they are smoking (without the cigarette), children are amazed by this and we believe even adults.

So there you have it, the eight things you will experience in an eight degrees weather, if you do have more things to add please do fill up the comment form below and we might just add it in our list. Thanks for reading and have a cold and great Baguio Day!

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  1. At 10deg, I had experienced and cannot walk straight even for 20 meters. So cold. The locals particularly the Igorots minimized their movement maybe to conserve body heat. I had learned from them a lot.

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