Pizza Discovery Experience At Amare Restaurant

There are instances in this world that sometimes i would really like to absolutely believe that “things happen for a reason”. Take for example my experience on how i discovered this “new” Pizza place at Albergo. So it was after our meeting for the Panagbenga Photographers accreditation at the PIA Dap-Ayan that we decided (Clayre, me and Neil) to walk from that place to, well for me, Azalea Residences since i am to meet up with my friends there. Anyway as we were strolling near the Pacdal Circle, our attention was caught by Neils friend who gave him several slices of Pizza and he said it is from Amare. From the looks of it, the pizza was delicious, i said to myself i gotta visit that place, when i am hungry. Long story short I reached Azalea Residences Baguio and our friend invited us to his home for dinner but suggested we purchase a pizza from…according to him one of the best pizza place in Baguio City…Amare. My eyes lit up since i really wanted to try their pizza and i mean really eat and not just taste, aside from the fact that i was told they use a brick oven to cook their pizza, you don’t see much of those in Baguio City, unlike fireplaces and chimneys.

The Creation of a Delicious Pizza,
Step1:Pizza Tossing

To Amare We Go

So it was settled, Amare Restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately my friend who suggested it had to go somewhere so i am left to bring the group to Amare, it was my first time to go to that place but i did not make it obvious, however, i know I saw a sign at Albergo Building. Now, Albergo is just several meters away from Mansion House and from the popular Ketchup Food Community. As we alighted from the vehicle i saw the Banner that says Amare so i thought it was just located among those establishments “outside” the building. However, i was wrong so i asked the guard for direction and this is what he said (at the main entrance) “diretso po pag dating sa dulo kanan” (go straight and when you reach the edge go right). So i bravely did so with the group behind me, lo and behold Amare is there, it was really easy to find first because there are not much establishments in the area and there are not many people around, i guess because its already mid in the evening. However, when we entered Amare the tables are almost taken, since we are ordering take-out we opted to seat in the first available table.

Step 2: Arrange Dough Flat on A Surface

Surprise! Surprise! At Amare Restaurant Baguio

I got several surprises at Amare, first one was that their brick oven was open for public view. So I immediately took out my camera, asked the manager if i can take photos and started shooting. Second surprise was that i ran into Sir Jonathan, a seasoned photographer who was already taking some shots, i specially liked his shot of the Pizza Maker tossing the dough. I noticed that i stayed long near the brick oven not because i was fascinated by the fire or how they make the pizza but because it was warm and that night the weather in Baguio was a bit more chilly that before. Third surprise was that the owner and manager is a young guy who looks familiar and when i asked he is the brother of one of my former student, what fascinated me most is his enthusiasm and drive in running the restaurant, giving personal service to their customers, they do have waiters but still he was busy entertaining every diners’ request.

Step3: Put that Yummy Sauce

Pizza Time! Amare Restaurant Style

Well i was not able to immediately taste their pizza (one more reason why i will be going back in their place) immediately, we ordered take out and we plan to devour the pizza in our friend’s house. Before i share how the pizza tasted, one thing you have to know about me is that i enjoy eating pizza up to the last bite which means nothing is wasted even the edge of the crust is not spared. So when i finally got the chance to eat, here’s the first thing i noticed, the dough is perfectly cooked, not crunchy ( i dont like pizza crusts that feels like you are eating pizza toppings on a cracker), the pizza is chewy in a good way, you would really know that the pizza dough was freshly made and cooked. The toppings well this is where i cannot differentiate it from other pizza because almost all pizza topping for me are the same, but that dough and the way it was cooked really separates Amare Pizza from the other pizza’s i’ve tasted.

Step4:Add the Toppings

As for the Price? Honestly i didn’t know how much the total bill was, because my friends grabbed the bill and passed it on to our friend who gladly paid (thanks Aileen and Jay). However, with permission from the owner i took a photo of their menu with the corresponding price. However one thing you have to remember this blog post will last for many years so please check the date of this blog and the date of your planned dining at Amare.


Step5: Put it in The Brick Oven


Should you try the Pizza at Amare Restaurant? Yes you should! So if you are ever in the area of Wright Park and Mansion house and you are craving for Pizza and other Italian food then go to Albergo building and dine at Amare. Would i go back to this restaurant? If you are asking that question then i feel like you did not read the entire blog, but for the sake of answering the question it is a big Yes!

Step6: Enjoy the Pizza!

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