Things You Can Do At Mines View Park in Baguio City

I’ve gotta be honest, ever since i visited Mines View Park during the first quarter of 2013 i was so disappointed because of the things you cannot do at mines View Park, this is because of the fact that you will spend most of your time weaving through a maze of stalls selling souvenir items. This is why many residents call Mines View Park as the Pasalubong Center instead of…well…Mines View Park, the number of entrepreneurs selling souvenir items drowned the other activities which you can do at the park. Again i really think that the lack space made the park really unattractive and tiresome to visit.

To The View Deck

Things Change

Around the third quarter of 2013 things at Mines View Park changed, this is because the stall owners voluntarily demolished their stalls and transferred to a building built for purposes of centralizing all the souvenir shops. This made parts of Mines View Park wider making it more conducive for walking around.  In our latest visit to Mines View Park we have seen Mines View Part in a whole new perspective, this time you can see most of the added attractions aside from “viewing the mines”.

Things To Do in Mines View Park

Here are some of the things to do in Mines View Park, those that we observed at least.

1. View The Mines – of course one of the main reason why you visited Mines View Park is to view the mines, honestly however, i cannot determine which ones are the mines. But the scenery is truly magnificent especially with the right light and the view of the mountain ranges of the Cordillera Regions.

Magnificent View

2. Streetfood Fest – Food seems to be synonymous with tourist destinations…and it should be…at Mines View Park you can have a choice of different street foods like steamed yellow corn, fried squidballs and fishballs. One streetfood stands out at Mines View Park though since you cannot find it in any other parts of Baguio City. This is the grilled dried squid, the concept is simple its a dried squid skewered then grilled after two minutes of grilling it is dipped in vinegar. The taste? well it kinda sucked in the vinegar flavor add the dried squid being gamy or chewy, we bought two pieces of dried squid on a stick for twenty pesos but i heard you can get it for half the price. Is it something for you to try? Yes! Should you always buy it? Not really…

Grilled Dried Squid Anyone?
One Piece Left

3. Take Photos – Of course what is a visit to Mines View Park without taking photos? The best thing about it is that there are several ways for you to take photos some for a price of course. Here are the three “paid” photo poses you can do:

3.1 Pose Wearing Traditional Costumes – You can rent a traditional Igorot Costume for a minimum fee of 10 pesos and have your photo taken by a friend or if you are lucky the person who rents out the costume.

Wear Costumes For Photo Shoot

3.2 Pose With The St. Bernards – Who wouldn’t want to pose with a huge cuddly and cute dog? Surprisingly, these dogs became a tourist attraction at Mines View Park. These St. Bernards are well maintained and groomed,you can tell by looking at them and by the way they smell, yep they smell terrific, like shampoo.

Polgoso the Dog

3.3 Pose with the Horses – you could also have your photo take with the horses at Mines View Park, we counted two horses that were available to pose with. You can have your photo taken beside the horse or better yet you riding the horse.



4. Try Your Luck With the Wishing Well – there is a history to the wishing well of Mines View Park, there was a time before when tourists would throw coins to the ravine and say their wish, children living near Mines View saw this and took it as an opportunity to earn money so they made long poles with catch net at one end and started catching the coins being tossed by the tourists, this is being done by the children at the side of the ravine. The practice was deemed to be dangerous and was later on banned by the City Government as a tribute park management placed a wishing well at the site where the children used to catch coins.

Well Wishing
Try Your Luck

5. Buy Souvenirs – of course one of the main thing that is notable at Mines View Park is the number of people selling souvenirs, from brooms to plants, there is surely a souvenir that is to your liking.

The Brooms
Busy Daisy


These are the five things you can do at Mines View Park, and thanks to the extra walking space you would not waste your time stuck in foot traffic going from the entrance to the view deck. There are other things which you can do and try out at Mines View Park but that is a story which we will be happy to share once we experienced it.

More Space At Mines View Park

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  1. very nice suggestions. i do hope they continue to rehabilitate and widen the space at Mines View Park. more success to you Vince 🙂

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