This Playground Is Not Only For The Children

I believe that every city must have its own parks, we are lucky in Baguio City that we have a park that does not only cater to adults but to children as well. The Burnham Park is divided into several areas, the Rose Garden, the Melvin Jones, The Burnham Lake and the Childrens Playground.

We recently visited the Childrens playground and for a resident it is still the same as the last time we visited. For those who would like to visit Baguio City, yes, the Children’s playground is a must place to visit especially if you are with your children. Here are some things you can do when you are at the Children’s playground:

1. Relax – the Children’s playground just like the other parts of Burnham Park was built with nature around it, you can sit on the grassy area or on a bench and just relax and watch people go by and let time fly. Or you can also enjoy the cold yet sunny weather and find a spot to read your favorite book. Yes, the Children’s playground is not only for Children.

2. Dine – although there are no nearby restaurant within the playground, there are benches and tables. Buy a take out and eat at the park, however, you have to make sure that you clean up after, as they say do not be part of the problem instead be part of the solution.

3. Play – of course a playground’s purpose is for children to play, all the swings, slides among others are for children’s use not for your use. It is however your chance to play with your children, run around, teaching them how to slide, or push them while they are on the swing is a very fulfilling experience especially if you see your child’s eyes lit up. Again, the swings, slides and what not are for children’s use not adults don’t wait for the guards to blow their whistle at you.

From time to time especially on special occasions the City Government would also organize events inside the Children’s playground. Overall it is going to be a family fun experience visiting the Children’s playground.

A Tour of The Burnham Park Children’s Playground

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