The Colors Of Panagbenga 2014 Grand Street Parade | Baguio City

Tourists and Residents of Baguio City witnessed (or are currently witnessing, since the parade is still on-going as i write this post) yet another GRAND and Colorful parade dubbed as the Panagbenga 2014 Grand Street Parade. The Parade started from Panagbenga Park and was led by the girl scouts and the flag bearers of the Philippine Military Academy. The parade was also graced by some of Baguio City officials, Mayor Mauricio Domogan, Congressman Nicasio Aliping, Councilor Leandro Yangot Jr., Councilor Elaine Sembrano and Councilor Lulu Tabanda. Benguet officials were also present specifically those from La Trinidad and Tuba.



The PMA Flag Bearers


Baguio City Government Officials

This Year’s Panagbenga 2014 Grand Street Dancing Parade

The Panagbenga 2014 theme is “Inspiring the community for a greener tomorrow.” This is why many part of the criteria for the Grand Street Dancing competition is that they have to use recycled materials. All I can say is that the students were so energetic and they indeed are giving it their all as they walk and perform from Panagbenga Park to Athletic Bowl where they are going to give their grand performance.

Video Summary On Panagbenga 2014 Grand Parade

Photo Gallery Panagbenga 2014 Grand Street Dancing Parade

Here’s some of the photos I took during the Grand Street Dancing Parade hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed taking the photos.


Impressions on the Panagbenga 2014 Grand Street Dancing Parade:

The colorful parade and the awesome performance made me very excited for tomorrow’s Grand Float Parade. Congratulations to the Organizers, the City Government, the Marshalls for keeping the place secure (at least from where i stood). Now time to prepare for tomorrow’s Panagbenga 2014 Grand Float Parade, but not after i join in the Festivities at Azalea Residences’ Panagbenga Chill Out Garden Party later at 6pm.

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