Baguio City | Have Your Dessert Fix At Glyco Sweet Shop

Baguio City is known for it’s cool weather and festivals, when it comes to food however, you only have a few choices, that was before local entrepreneurs started sprouting from different parts of the City. Dessert for us are those that were served by the restaurants, at present however there are shops that focus only on serving sweets, one such shop is Glyco Sweetshop.

The Search For Sweets

We discovered Glyco because we were searching for something sweet to give relatives before they travel back to the U.S. They had a lot of time traveling around Baguio so you can be sure that they already visited Good Shepherd and already bought their famous peanut brittle, ube jam among other delicacies. So the question that is playing in our mind was what will we give them that is something sweet (but not too sweet) and something that is new and different? I first thought of Azalea Residences’ version of the carrot cake however we need to place the order 2 days in advance, since we need it that same night we had to look for something else. A quick Google search and we were given a lot of information however that’s the problem with lots of information you have lots of choices thus giving you a difficult time in choosing. We settled reading the blog of a foodie in Baguio and it led us to Glyco sweet shop. Yes bloggers are among those that gives credible information, hopefully businesses in Baguio City would learn to embrace the importance of bloggers but i digress.

The Glyco Sweet shop is located at DPS compound, its a good thing that this place is full of landmarks, you have the Victory Liner Bus Station, Baguio Water District Office and the BENECO Office among others. If you are to ride a taxi just tell the driver the name of the shop and if they ask where exactly is it tell them its just past the Baguio Water District building, you will not miss it, its the only house with pastel colors.

The Pastel Colored House

The Glyco Sweet Shop

The shop i think is part of the owner’s residence transformed into a mini-bakery cafe. Aside from the showcase glass that displays the different sweet delights, the inside of the shop has two tables and six chairs in total which means they are more into catering take-away rather than clients dining-in.

Small Space But the Outside Bench is Cool

Egg Tarts at Glyco

We bought the remaining egg tarts so I just took a photo of what’s left (the price tag)

Their egg tarts looks delicious and suitable as present to our relatives whom we expect would be eating it while they travel Manila to catch their flight. We bought the remaining two dozens and kept the six pieces for ourselves, well it did not survive the trip back to our relatives hotel room as we gobbled up all six. The taste was delicious, the crust was just right not too hard and not too flaky, the egg custard looks too sweet but surprisingly they’re not. I especially like sweet treats that aren’t really too sweet, this is what some bakers miss, not because your product is a dessert would also mean that you have to go crazy in adding sugar to your recipe. Anyway it was a perfect balance of sweetness with the right texture of the crust for me. We also tried some of their cupcakes and again they were not too sweet, the green tea cupcake is a must try if you are like me who likes green tea that is.

Green Tea Cupcakes

In Conclusion

If you have a sweet tooth or just craving for something yummy and sweet the Glyco sweet shop is a must try, as for us yes we will definitely return hungry for their egg tarts.


Glyco Sweet Shop


Call: 0922 875 1122

Address: 72 DPS Compound, Baguio City 2600


Map to Glyco Sweetshop




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