When Buying Strawberries in Baguio City

Strawberries is once again abundant in the City of Baguio, but did you know that the strawberries are not from the farms in Baguio City but rather it’s from the farms of La Trinidad Benguet? This is why the municipality of La Trinidad celebrates their strawberry festival this March. Anyway, this story began last December of 2013. Strawberry supply is just getting its way to Baguio City, we start to see ladies selling strawberries in the parks of Baguio. Yes, these ladies walk around carrying their basket of strawberries and selling it to the interested customer. We of course have been purchasing from them, their prices are not far off from that of the market price of strawberries. It has been that way since last year, buying from the ladies carrying baskets of strawberries. Until we got the chance to go to the market. As we were walking to the Public market (the area where tourists usually buy their vegetables) at the area before the rice section, a lady called our attention and asked us if we would like to buy strawberries from them. At that time we were in doubt on whether we should buy from them since there is this stigma that prices are quite high if you buy strawberries or even vegetables from this part of the market. We were however too tired to walk some more and stood there for quite some time thinking since there were 3 or 4 stalls selling strawberries. This lady said “piliin po natin” (let’s choose), pointing to the strawberries.

Choosing the Best Strawberries

You see if you do not choose the strawberries you are buying you might end up with rotten or unripe strawberries and in that 1 kilo of strawberries only 3/4 of it or even less would be fit for consumption. So we agreed and since the price was 100 per kilo for strawberries it is really affordable. The lady proceeded to choosing the strawberries and placing it in the carton, she also asked us if the strawberries were to be transported to Manila (she assumed we’re tourists), i politely said “no we’re going to eat it once we get home”. Although we can do the choosing ourselves we let her do it maybe because if we did it it will take some time besides she choose strawberries fast and she’s an expert on doing that (we assumed). After which she placed the box on the weighing scale and after she showed us its weight of 1-kilo she added around 4 large pieces of strawberries, she handed the large strawberries to my daughter. That simple gesture already made us happy but what made us even happier is when we got home and checked the strawberries.

Red Strawberries

At Home with the Strawberries

After a quick rest we proceeded to washing the strawberries, usually we count the number of strawberries that were inedible but in this batch there was none, so that made us very happy, and there was even a bonus all the strawberries were red, clean and sweet and it looked like that this 1 kilo had more strawberries as compared to the 1 kilo of those selling in the parks of Baguio (i think the substandard hand-held weighing scale of the ladies selling at the park were inaccurate).

Well anyway if you happen to visit Baguio City and would like to buy strawberries i would recommend visiting the Baguio Public Market and look for Stall 382, it is located right before the rice section of the public market.

In Conclusion

Stall 382 at the Public Market

From that first time we bought from stall 382 up to today the nice lady always gives us fresh, clean and sweet strawberries. So if you ever are in Baguio and would like to buy fresh strawberries try to look for stall 382 at the fruit section near the rice section of the Baguio City Market.

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