You Can Now Know More About The Rich History Of Baguio City

As a local of Baguio City, being born and raised in the wonderful and cool city of pines, i am always the go to guy of friends from outside of Baguio if they want to know about something about the City. Questions like where to go, what to eat and where to stay are just some of the questions that friends and acquaintances commonly ask. Well all those are easily answerable, over the years I also have made my list of go to places, restaurants and hotels to stay in and yes such recommendations are all based from my experience.

The Dilemma

But what if the question is about the history of a tourist destination? That, is a question I cannot readily answer. So why did they call it Wright Park? Or how many steps are there from the base to the top of Lourdes Grotto? These are questions that you really have do to some research on, sure you would like to tell them that they can Google it, but with so many information about such tourist destinations out there it would take time before they would be able to find a suitable answer to their questions.

The Solution

What if there is a readily available information that you can access on-site to know more about the rich history of a specific tourist destination? Well for me that would be great because then i would not have to scour through the search engine results page trying to find out the most accurate information.

The Digital Tourism Marker

The Digital Tourism Project in Baguio

The City Government, Innopub and SMART launched Digital Tourism Baguio

The Digital Tourism Project by Innopub and supported by SMART Communications Inc. provides exactly that, an accurate information about the different tourist destinations in Baguio City. With the help of QR and NFC codes tourists could just scan or tap their mobile phone respectively on the Digital Tourism markers and the information will be displayed on their phone. Now, information about certain tourist destinations in Baguio City is easily acquired with the aide of your phone and the internet, yes to access the information you will have to be connected to the internet.

Digital Tourism Marker at Botanical Garden

Now with this access to information you will certainly enjoy Baguio City in a different light, this time aside from just enjoying the cool weather, marveling at the different sights and sounds of the City of Pines you also would now learn and know and maybe even become an expert on the rich culture of the City of Baguio.


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