Delicious Food At Central Park Restaurant In Baguio City

Chinese restaurants in Baguio City is quite common, the migration of some chinese who were part of those who built Baguio City prior to 1909 (the charter day of the City) made chinese cuisine to be common among residents of Baguio up to this day. Classic chinese dishes are being served in some of the oldest restaurants here in Baguio City. But there is one restaurant that opened several years ago and challenged the status quo. Central Park Restaurant is located along Carino Street in Baguio City is a restaurant serving Chinese cuisine, but not just any Chinese cuisine but a Chinese dish with a modern twist. Some of their dishes in the menu includes Lamb, Seafoods, Noodles, Pork, Beef and Vegetables.

The Central Park Baguio Experience

It was after lunch when we visited the restaurant, a quick look at their menu immediately prompted us to order their special Prawn Dish and their Broccoli with Golden Balls. What you do not want to miss however is their dimsum. Every time we visit they have new choices of dimsums and everything is equally delicious especially with a light soy and their homemade chili oil as dipping sauce. The staffs were courteous however it took some time about 30minutes for our order to be served, i take it that what we ordered were not commonly chosen by customers so they really have to prepare everything from the ground up.

The Delicious Food At Central Park Baguio

Their special prawn dish (sorry but I forgot the exact name) was really delicious, we were given a plateful of deepfriend prawns topped with fried Oatmeal and Cereals and garnished with chilies. The interplay of sweet coming from the oats and cereals and the salty flavor from the prawn and the spiciness of the chili works.

The Yummy Prawn Dish
Prawn Dish Up Close


Their broccoli with golden balls is a dish that is a combination of fresh broccoli, meatballs drenched in comforting sauce. The broccoli were half-cooked keeping the crunchiness and flavor and it mix well with the sauce and the meatballs. The sauce is simply delicious that you can eat it on its own.

Broccoli With Golden Balls
Up Close Broccoli With Golden Balls


For dessert we ordered the crunchy banana and mango rolls however it was not available therefore we ordered the Banana Fritters. These batter coated bananas are fried to perfection, the sweetness of the banana mixes well with the chocolate sauce. A perfect way to end a perfect line of delicious food.

Banana Fritters with a Side of Vanilla Ice Cream
Banana Fritters With Vanilla Ice Cream




With the many choices of Chinese restaurants in Baguio City you would want to have a go-to restaurant where you will not be disappointed. We’ve been eating in this restaurant for several years already and we haven’t been disappointed yet with the food and the service, so if you are craving for Chinese food added with a modern twist then visit Central Park Restaurant Baguio.

Map To Central Park Restaurant in Baguio City

All Photos were taken with Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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