Meditate At Mount Cabuyao

The Holy week indeed brings the Filipino people in a very meditative mood. Why not? This is the time of the year where we get the opportunity to stop and reflect on our lives and our plans for the future, most of all this is the opportunity for us to meditate and renew our friendship with God. Many tourists visit Baguio City during this time of the year because of the cool weather and also the fact that Baguio City has lots of places that would put you in a meditative state, this may be because of the stillness of the place or just because the environment is so relaxing that you find it conducive for meditation. 

Climbing Mt. Cabuyao

Holyweek at Mt. Cabuyao

This Holyweek, a visit at Mt. Cabuyao would be in order, especially to devotees who would like to go through the different stations of the cross found on top of the mountain. Just be prepared as you will be experiencing some high altitude climb. To reach the top you can either walk which will take you several hours or you could ride a car or maybe hire a taxi to take you there. It will take you 30-40 minutes from Baguio’s Central Business District to the top of Mt. Cabuyao.

The Radar At Mt. Cabuyao

Once at the top there are several places that you can visit, of course the first in the list would be the radar also known as the giant electric fans of Baguio or mickey’s ears. Although you are not allowed inside as the radar is a military installation, you can follow the path beside the gate which will take you to the view deck where you will see the top view of Baguio City. If you go opposite the radar or at the other side of the mountain you will be able to see Pangasinan and La Union from above.

Is That Pangasinan Below?


View of Baguio City Loakan Airport in Focus

The Other Side of Mt. Cabuyao

If you have the time you might also want to visit the water basin for Baguio City, this is a huge basin in the mountain where rain water is collected and distributed to residents of Baguio City, this is one of the water sources of Baguio and it is usually empty during the summer season.

A Majestic Sight At Mt. Cabuyao

Mt. Cabuyao Today

Mt. Cabuyao is home to residents whose main livelihood is farming, you will see several farm lands on top of Mt. Cabuyao and unlike other mountains that are still forested, Mt. Cabuyao is home to a thriving community. Having said that, a visit to the radar and the other side of Mt. Cabuyao is indeed an experience that allows you to meditate especially so that not many people visit this place and most of the time you can have the viewdeck all to yourself and you can just listen to the sound of the wind, bask in the sun and marvel at the majestic mountain ranges that surround Baguio City.

Mountain Ranges A Majestic Sight

Trivia: though the road leading to the top of the Mountain is within Baguio City the Barangay at the top of Mt. Cabuyao is  not within the jurisdiction of the City but rather by the Municipality of Tuba in Benguet.


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