Seafood Overload At Seafood Island Baguio

Blame it on the lack of of ocean or Baguio City being far from source of seafood that I always get excited whenever i see different types of seafood dishes. In Baguio City fruits, vegetables, pork, beef and chicken are very common, but not seafood. Of course there are restaurants that serve seafood but sometimes you just want something that is prepared similar to how they prepare it in the lowlands, boodle style.

Seafood Island Baguio

When Seafood Island in Baguio opened i got excited, however my excitement got doused immediately by comments from friends that it is really expensive. But as fate would have it we managed to still eat at Seafood Island, our first experience must have been great that we found ourselves constantly eating at this place whenever we are at Camp John Hay Technohub. So are the food at Seafood Island Expensive? Well it depends on what you will order, if you are a group then their group meals would suffice and sometimes it is more than enough for a group, follow the suggested number of diners for their group meals and you will never go wrong.

Shrimps Overload!

Use Your Hands

Can you remove the shell of a crab with your spoon and fork? or could you remove the shrimp’s shell with your utensils? If you are expert in the art of using your spoon and fork then you should be fine but for some of us that are not so skilled then this is just a bummer, especially so that it would take us a lot of time trying to crack the crab open. The good thing about eating at Seafood island is that this is one restaurant where eating with your hands is common, they would even provide you with hand gloves to avoid food contact with your skin but hey you can always wash your hands. In fact spoons and forks are sometimes not readily given unless you ask for it.

Ok Maybe You Cannot Use Your Hands Here

No Plates Please

If you order their group meals you get one big square board covered with banana leaves and your food on top. Again plates are not necessary as the food is arranged at the middle to make sure that you have your personal eating space on the board with the banana leaves of course. Adding plates is not practical especially so that the board will already occupy most of your table space, if you are not comfortable eating off a banana leaf then I guess you can just ask for a plate but again it is not practical and eating off  a plate while others eat on the banana leaf would make you feel awkward, trust me i tried.

Do You Really Need Plates?

Plan Your Visit

Not everyone is blessed with lots of money that they can just go to a restaurant, eat and pay for it without regards for the price. For people like us that we need to budget our expenses if you really want to take your friend and family members to Seafood Island you might wanna plan your visit, first plan the time of your visit, on holidays and on the days that tourists flock to Baguio City, Seafood island is quite full and you have to wait in line, if you want to have a cozy dining experience less the people around you then do not go there during lunch time, just an hour past lunch time would suffice. If you are on a budget you might want to choose see the menu in advance to choose what you want and what would fit your budget. Again, and we could not stress this enough, go for the group meals, unless you do not want to share with your family and friends.

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Seafood Island Pros:

Here are the things we liked about Seafood Island:

Pro 1: Orders are served quick, except maybe if there are ingredients that were not pre-cooked, but for the numerous times we’ve visited this place we have been given the quick service.

Pro 2: You can use your hands to eat and not feel awkward about it.

Pro 3: They serve fresh coconut juice served in the coconut shell and you can have the shell cut in half and eat the coconut meat.

Pro 4: Courteous Staff although the staffs are too busy most of them are happy to serve and take your requests.

So are you craving for seafood? Visit Seafood Island at Camp John Hay Technohub and have your fill of the freshest bounty from the sea!

Mouth Watering!


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