Tour The Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary In Baguio City

Holy week starts today and for many people that would not only mean a week of meditation but also a week to getaway from it all. With our busy schedules we all need to stop and take time to focus on ourselves and our family, basically focusing on things that are important. Baguio City was originally designed to be a recreation center where American soldiers go and recuperate physically, emotionally and spiritually. With the entry of several Catholic congregation in the City there are places today that remains to be kept as a place of meditation and a place to recuperate spiritually.

In our first Holy Week post we take you to the Ecological Sanctuary of Baguio City. The Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary were established by the Maryknoll Sisters and this piece of land that they occupy in Baguio City was originally a Marishan Elementary School, but after the July 16, 1990 killer quake the Sisters of Maryknoll realized that there is a need to do something about the earth crisis, thus the property was turned into an Ecological Sanctuary.

Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary

The ecological sanctuary is now a tour of the Earth, and a learning experience of its origins. It is a walk around a natural sanctuary embedded with several trivia about the earth. Reading the trivia makes one realize the rich history of the earth and the need to preserve the earths natural resources.

A Tour of the Origins of the Earth

Attractions At Maryknoll Sanctuary Baguio City

There are several attractions at the Maryknoll Sanctuary, for example the stonehenge, the various ruins among others. What caught our attention was the two caves where one of them resembles the hanging coffins of Sagada. The hanging bridge also caught our attention as it was fun to walk across the bridge with nature as the background. The earth house was also an attraction, it is currently being built when we were there, it is a house made of earthen materials like mud and sticks, with some bottles for decoration. We were told that building such eco-friendly house would cost about 200-300 thousands pesos.

The Bridge
One of the Caves
Info About the Earth House
Earth House Wall


What You Get From Maryknoll

If you are looking for a meditative stroll with nature this Holy week, walking around the Ecological sanctuary is definitely something that you should do. Not only would you be able to “find yourself” through meditation and deep thinking but you will also appreciate your mission on earth as steward of God’s creation.

Commune With Nature
Learn About Nature


Entrance Fee: 50pesos

Map To Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary

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