For The Sweet Tooth – Day 2 Of The US Fine Foods Show

Day 2 of the US Fine Foods Show held at the Baguio Country Club was a showcase of the possibilities that you can do with quality ingredients at your disposal in making delicious and sweet pastries. After a meaty demonstration during Day 1 of the the US Fine Foods Show it’s time for the sweet desserts to take center stage.

The Sweet U.S. Fine Foods Show in Baguio City

The second day of the US Fine Food show was equally exciting with Chef Carol Tentativa-Lavin demonstrating how to make desserts from quality ingredients supplied from the United States. From the use of flour to bake sumptuous pies and profiteroles to a no flour pastry. It was my first time to see a baked good or pastry that does not contain any flour. I learned a lot about healthy baking and that eating desserts or pastries does not necessarily mean that it is bad for your body. With the right knowledge you can bake healthy pastries like that of the no flour pastry where boiled and mashed oranges were used to replace the flour. The taste is that it’s not too sweet and the texture feels like its a pastry that was made with flour. There were other pastries that were showcased, i especially liked the pies and the profiteroles.

Learning Experience

Little bits of information could be very useful someday, you’ll never know when such information is going to be asked of you while you’re in a game show, point is, you’ll never know when you might need such bits of information. Anyway i learned something new during the U.S. Fine Foods show such as the only difference between a pie and a tart is the covering, if you cover the filling with pastry or crumbles that is called a pie while if you do not cover the filling that is called a tart. I also realized that the pastry or ingredients where profiteroles, cream puffs and eclairs are made of are the same, only the filling is modified depending on what you want. I also learned that it is important to maintain your oven to perform at an optimum level so that you will not run into problems such as uneven distribution of heat which could make your finished product to be unevenly cooked.

Concluding the US Fine Foods Show

Opportunities will only come knocking once, so it is imperative that you grab the opportunity or you may not have that chance again, the US fine food show is an annual event that is held in different places in the Philippines, so we do not know when would be the next time for them to do it again in the City of Pines. I am glad that I grabbed the opportunity, no i am not an aspiring chef nor am I aspiring to be a baker, but then again the future is not set so we do not know what lies ahead, however, i can use the knowledge i gained by applying it in cooking for my family and friends. The US Fine Foods Show did not only showcase skills in cooking but also the importance of using quality ingredients for your food. The outcome of a dish might be great in the eyes but if such was cooked using poor quality ingredients it will have adverse effect in your body. This exposure to quality food and ingredients made me realize that we should always be aware on what we put into our body and make sure that what we eat is not only healthy but also made from the finest ingredients this way you will not need any flavor enhancers. As the saying goes “You are what you eat” so if we value our body and believe that our body is precious we have to strive to nourish it only with the dishes made from highest quality of ingredients.


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