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Hey My French Friend! Or Delicious French? Sometime i find it amusing when people would play with words and create something…well…amusing. Well that’s the first thing that caught my attention as I walked up to the driveway of L’Ami Frenchy. Our friends Shara and Alex have been telling us (Marketing is more like it) about the place and when i first looked at their offerings posted on their facebook page, I thought to myself their food is expensive! However, a visit at their place proved me wrong.

About L Ami Frenchy

L’Ami Frenchy is the newest pastry, cake and sandwich shop in Baguio City that is owned and managed by Eric and Cyra Chevalier. Chef Eric is french and his specialty is french pastry, Cyra is a filipina from Bicol. So how these couple ended up opening a pastry shop in Baguio City? According to Chef Eric he liked Baguio City because it is peaceful and the weather is perfect for his pastries. They have been traveling to Baguio and Sagada and finally decided to settle in Baguio City and decided to give residents a taste of quality french pastry, cakes and sandwiches.

Lami! Delicious! Yummy!

Citron Cake

Just a side note Lami in Bicol and Visayas means delicious! Anyway that is exactly how their pastries taste, delicious! Although some would say that their cakes are the best, i say their sandwiches are also a must try! I tried the Citron Cake and i was blown away by the flavor, so as a Pinoy and someone who got used to two types of flavors salty and sweet, the Citron made me realize that there are indeed different layers of flavors. The Citron is like a lemon tart that is covered with meringue, eating the lemon custard alone would give you a sour sweet taste but eating the crust, the lemon custard and meringue gives you that explosion of flavor that would make you want some more.

Prestige Indeed!

Their prestige cake is another one of the best cakes that i’ve also tasted although it does not have that explosion of flavor like the Citron it gives that melts in your mouth texture and that yummy chocolate flavor and the caramel like layer on top gives that sweet finish.

Prestige Cake

Fresh and Hot Sandwich

Hot Sandwich

As i’ve said their sandwich is also a must try, so if you are looking for a good and healthy lunch you have to sample their sandwich. Their sandwiches are categorized as Fresh and Hot sandwich, from what i’ve gathered their fresh sandwiches are made from ingredients that did not require cooking like lettuce, ham and cheese while their hot sandwiches are cooked in the oven. I’ve tried both and my only verdict is both are delicious! What i appreciate is that Chef Eric utilizes quality ingredients and is very generous in the serving, their fresh sandwich can be shared by 2-3 persons while their hot sandwiches can be shared by 2 persons.

Fresh Le Parisien Sandwich

Sweet and Savory Crepes

When i hear crepes i associate it with desserts but L’Ami Frenchy introduced me to a new kind of Crepe Flavor, savory. Their burger crepes is constructed with burger patties, crepes, sunnyside up egg and fries, the complete breakfast meal if you ask me. Of course they also have the sweet crepes but i guess the savory crepe takes the bacon if you know what i mean.

Burger Crepe

For Sharing For Quality

Most of the cakes and sandwiches that we’ve tried could not be eaten by one person, their servings are best for sharing. When i first saw the serving and when i started eating the food that i’ve ordered that is when i was proven wrong, their food is indeed NOT expensive considering that a single order could already feed two persons and on top of that Chef Eric informed us that they only use quality ingredients, before opening their shop he tried different ingredients available locally and low quality ingredients would not fit in to his standards, so he went with the quality ingredients which of course would cost a lot more than the low quality version.


I Always Take This Home To Enjoy The Creamy Almond Croissant

I did not earn a degree in food tasting, but I can tell if a food is delicious and if the experience is great and that is what L’Ami Frenchy delivered. Their food deserves 5 star based on my own standards, the enthusiasm of Chef Eric to use only the best and the highest quality of ingredients is really reassuring that what i put in my body is all quality and not laced with unwanted chemicals. It is time for Baguio Residents to try high quality pastry, sandwiches and crepes and I am thankful that these couple chose to bring such quality and flavor to the City of Pines. Will i return to L’Ami Frenchy? This week i’ve been there three times and it’s only Wednesday, which means i will be back for more!

Best With Tea or Coffee

L’Ami Frenchy is located along Marcos Highway, if you are coming from the Central Business District take the flyover and at the end of it go up a few meters and you will see their shop. It is just beside Ilocana Farmacia and in front of Botikang Pinoy.


Tip: Order their Soup, its not on the menu but you can ask

LAmi Frenchy Soup

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