Take Advantage Of The 3-Day Sale At SM Store Baguio

It’s that time of the year or quarter again when all roads lead to SM Baguio, we have noticed that there are too many people flocking into SM Baguio during their 3-Day Sale. Well the explanation is simple, the item that you may want to purchase will cost around 50% less of its original price. For some items at least but you still get a decent 20-30% on other items which is already a huge savings if you ask me. So if you plan on purchasing something at SM Store, it may be a new shirt, kitchen items or even a new shoes buying such during the 3-day sale would be the best day to break out the dough, as they say.

Last year I bought a pair of Shoes for less than a thousand and one year passed and still the shoes are still in good condition despite the “action” it had been to, that would say a lot about the quality of the product. If you pick the items correctly you will indeed get the best deal out of it, taking advantage of the 3-Day Sale at SM Store will definitely give you the best value and the biggest discount you could ever have in a specific item that you have been dying to buy.

The Reality Of It

Now a discount of up to 50% may sound good and this is not one of those things where it is too good to be true, the 3-Day sale at SM Store is as genuine as it gets, just take note that the 50% discount is not absolutely applied on all items only at selected items. However, you still get the best deals of about 20-30% discount during the sale.

Another thing that you have to really know about is that because the sale is genuine or real many people flock to the SM Store during the 3-Day Sale, even those coming from the Ilocos Region and any other places that is about 2-4 hours ride to Baguio City flocks to the City for the 3-day Sale looking to find the best bargain. Therefore you have to be prepared to weave through a lot of people or better yet you should be early to get the best deals and the best items.

In Conclusion

If you have been dying to purchase something at the SM Store, may it be a clothing, gadget, perfume, toys or kitchen and dining items but you are on a budget, then going to SM Store’s 3-Day Sale is the best time, because of the huge discounts and great deals that you can get.


3-Day Sale At SM Store

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