WOFEX Northern Luzon 2014 In Baguio City

I am not gonna lie, the very first World Food Expo (WOFEX) Northern Luzon  held in Baguio City i attended was because i was told that they were giving out free food. That first visit to the World Food Expo was not the last as every year since 2011 i make sure that i attend the World Food Expo Northern Luzon. No I am not an owner of any hotel or restaurant in Baguio City, you can call me a foodie but not really a food critic (i think you need to be certified or earn some degree in gastronomy to criticize another person’s cooking). Anyway the first WOFEX North Luzon that i attended fascinated me with the different equipment or kitchen utensils that are available out there to make cooking to be more efficient and maybe make food to taste better too. Generally my impression is that WOFEX is an avenue for Hotel and Restaurant owners to connect with different suppliers for their restaurant or cafe operation needs, may it be a kitchen equipment or an ingredient.

In 2011 and 2012 i witnessed WOFEX Northern Luzon at the Baguio Convention Center but in 2013 the venue was transferred to Baguio Country Club the same venue as for this years’ WOFEX.

Why I Love Attending WOFEX

As i have said i am not in anyway close to conducting business with the exhibitors at WOFEX anytime soon (maybe once i have my own cafe), so there is no good reason for me to attend WOFEX every year, however, i find attending WOFEX for at least one day to be very beneficial for me and here are some of the reasons why:

1. An Regional Event Tied to an International Event – WOFEX Northern Luzon is a spin-off of its National or International counterpart the World Food Expo that is being held in Manila usually during the month of August. For me i cannot afford to attend the World Food Expo in Manila considering the cost like travel and accommodation so why not take advantage of attending this equally grand event held in Baguio? Besides, what’s one day at the expo compared to the numerous benefits that you will be getting.

2. Learning Experience – some, if not all exhibitors would demonstrate their product and there are actually specialists who would explain how a kitchen equipment works, for me that is a learning experience that you cannot gain within the four walls of the classroom. Further, there are demos and mini-seminars during the day which is again another learning experience and opportunity that everybody should grab.

3. Admission is Free – Admission to the World Food Expo Northern Luzon is free so why not take advantage of the opportunity to see fascinating food technology equipment and ingredients? Or the opportunity to learn more about food and how some of them are made?

WOFEX Northern Luzon Baguio City 2014

Do not miss the chance to learn for free and maybe get a free treat or two! Attend the World Food Expo (WOFEX) Northern Luzon in Baguio City Happening on May 22-24, 2014 at the Baguio Country Club, below are the schedule of mini-seminars and the exhibitors during the event.

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