McDonalds Session Road Baguio Closes It’s Doors After 23 Years

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Living in Baguio City since birth made me witness the changing landscape of the City. The 1990 earthquake is what i consider to be one of the life-changing moment not only for me but I believe for all the residents in the City of Pines. After the earthquake people were confused on whether we could rise from the ruins, asking the same question, how will we survive? what about tomorrow? should we move out of Baguio and start all over? Many gave up and sadly moved away from the City, for us who remained most of us had nowhere to go but to endure the devastation brought about by the earthquake and try to rebuild our lives with what we have.

Sign Of Recovery

Thank God, many people did not give up on the City and many decided to stay and help in rebuilding our beloved Baguio City. Among them were the Del Rosario Family, they owned the famous local business Sunshine Supermart and Hotel Veniz among other business ventures in Baguio, but before the earthquake it was only Sunshine Supermart. In March 26, 1991 the family opened the first McDonalds franchise in Baguio City, it’s location was in the heart of business in Baguio, Session Road.

Memories of McDo Session Road

I can still remember when McDo Session road first opened, I was in elementary then, that building located at the corner of session road and lower mabini street became a popular meeting place for teenagers up until today. There is something in this place that students, teenagers and even adults would often make the outside area of McDonald’s Session Road as a meeting place. Maybe because of it being strategically located at the middle of session road so after meeting your friend you can either go down or up session road or maybe have a snack with your friend at McDonalds.

After several years other McDonalds Store opened up in Baguio City but this particular fastfood place in Session Road still became popular not only because of it’s location but it was later known to be the place that offered Eat All You Can Promo. This promo became very popular even on social media that many once questioned it’s veracity. But yes, it is legit and as part of their farewell offering to the public, they will have a last Eat All You Can Promo on June 10 so you better reserve your ticket now as they are selling fast.

Reason For Closing McDonalds Session Road

From the letter of Mr. Mike Del Rosario published in Sunstar Baguio it would seem that the reason for closing McDonalds session road is because they have ended their contract of lease in the use of the building which is owned by the Lam Family. However, there is a twist as Mr. Del Rosario hinted that a new McDonald’s branch will open in Session Road.

What’s The Big Deal?

Yes we have lots of McDonald’s outlets in Baguio City and some buildings and locations are even better, but that is actually not the point. McDonald’s Session Road could be considered as an icon of Baguio City as it is one of the establishments that believed in the potential of the City even after the 1990 earthquake, as a franchise that was put up by a family from Baguio City it can be considered as one of the symbol of strength of the people of Baguio and a signal as the City rose from the ruins brought about by the earthquake, something we celebrate during February, if you remember what Panagbenga Festival truly stands for and it is not about the flowers.


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  1. McDonald’s Session certainly holds a special place in every Baguio Boy and Girl. Sad to see they’re closing. Awesome memories were built in this place. I agree with this post, Baguio certainly has other McDonald’s outlets but McDonald’s Session Road is just extra special.

    Thank you for writing this and giving everyone the feels. 😀 Great job!

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