Be The Philippines’ Fun Ambassador

Of course right about now you already are aware of the “fun” campaign of the Department of Tourism, “It’s More Fun In The Philippines” to be exact. We have seen an intensive campaign by the Department of Tourism which includes advertising the beauty of the Philippines in countries like the US and the United Kingdom. Not only that they also have had success on their social media campaigns with their it’s more fun memes.

The Fun Ambassador

Realizing the important power of social media and the internet the fun campaign just got a level up with their Fun Ambassador. The general idea of being a fun ambassador is for you to use the platform that they provide in order to spread online how fun it is in the Philippines. So basically you have to register on their site and start having fun sharing about the Philippines!

Registration to Be A Fun Ambassador

It is easy to become a fun ambassador, you only need to register and there are two ways on how you can register one is via manual registration where you have to enter your details, the second type of registration is via your social media accounts on facebook or twitter. Registration is seamless so you will not have a problem there.

What To Do As A Fun Ambassador

There are several “fun” ways you can do on the website. Following the popularity of the memes of the its more fun in the Philippines campaign the platform made creating memes to be very easy, just choose a photo that you want and enter the text which will be followed by the text “more fun in the Philippines”. The only thing i want to see in the future is that the fun ambassador could have the ability to upload their own photo just like canva, subject to regulations of course then turned into a meme, right now only the photos provided on the site are the only ones available. However, one reason why this may not be allowed is the fact that unscrupulous people might upload inappropriate photos.


Donate A Photo As A Fun Ambassador

Another thing that you can do is to donate a photo to their database. One thing you have to understand though is that you are donating your photo so anything that you upload will be used in the campaign and the Department of Tourism have the right to use it. Since photography is more popular in this generation and less expensive as compared 20 years ago there are a lot of shutterbugs who might want to donate a photo. One thing that is not yet clear is if you get credited if your photos are used for the campaign.

Fun Ambassador Gamified

It seems that the brains behind the fun ambassador campaign would like to motivate everyone to use the site often by gamifying it. Similar to foursquare and other sites the user will be able to gain badges depending on their accomplishments such as the number of photos uploaded, blogs written and or number of use of hashtags. I hope that later on they would add more to their list of badges.

In Conclusion

The site is on its “beta” stage so for now let’s give it a go and hopefully see more improvements in the future. As it is, it is still a fun site to visit especially if you love the Philippines and you love sharing the beauty of your country. Register now and be a fun ambassador and showcase the beauty of locality in the Philippines.



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