We Could Do This Too In Baguio City

If you have been following our posts for quite sometime now you might have noticed that we have had more posts on quotes than blog posts, one reason is that we believe that aside from bringing you guys about what’s new in Baguio City we would also want to give you inspiring quotes to live by each day, if you think the quotes are giving you inspiration please do spread the word by sharing it via your social media accounts and inspire others. Another reason is that yours truly was invited to in San Francisco to attend the Google IO where i learned a lot of things but after that i did some sight seeing in San Diego, which explains the long absence.

Anyway, during my visit in San Diego the tour of Balboa Park reminded me of Baguio City, because of the different flowers on display and beautiful landscapes. Apart from that i also was fascinated by the beautiful artwork and architectural designs of the different buildings in Balboa Park. Of course i will not bore you about my personal travel, but i would just like to share something that caught my attention and something worth emulating for the City of Pines.

I Saw The Sign

This sign caught my attention because it is simple but conveys a powerful message. The sign reminded residents and tourists or park-goers in general that it is unlawful to harm the plants at the park. It shows that their government is serious in preserving the trees and plants at the park in order to maintain its natural beauty. Although it is a simple sign it actually made park-goers conscious on how they treat the plants.

In Baguio City

Hopefully if the City Government of Baguio would also be serious in its campaign to preserve the natural beauty of our parks and preserving our natural resources in general, passing a city ordinance and placing signs such as these would suffice to convey their sincerity in these campaigns. If there are indeed ordinances in Baguio City that would make harming plants and trees unlawful then placing these signs in parks and other places of interest (in a particular mountain perhaps?) may be such reminder might deter unscrupulous people from harming plants and trees in the city of pines.


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