En Route For An Interview With The U.S. Ambassador

View From the Garden

It was several months ago when i got an email inviting me to attend a roundtable discussion with Ambassador Goldberg, i thought to myself, what did i ever do to deserve such an honor? I counted down my accomplishments or the things that might qualify me to join such and although i have done lots of things to help entrepreneurs in Baguio City through Google Business Group that would not merit me the opportunity to have such an honor to sit down and have a casual chat with the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg. Nevertheless, the invitation is here so i have to grab the opportunity. The only question now is how does one prepare for such a rare opportunity? You don’t, you can’t and there is no formal step-by-step walkthrough on how to interview the US Ambassador. According to the instructions that i received the interview will commence at 1:45pm until 2:45pm on July 25, 2014, I was so excited today that i left home 45minutes before the scheduled interview but just like in the show “The Amazing Race” the taxi driver will either make or break you, this time unfortunately i chanced upon a taxi that was not aware on the location of the Ambassador’s Residence in Baguio, i could only tell him that it is in Camp John Hay, unfortunately i can’t give him anymore information since the last time i was able to see the gates of the Ambassadors Residence was during my elementary days more than 20 years ago. Well no worries i told the taxi driver, we can ask the guards at the gate.

At the Gate of CJH

We pulled up to the guard station at the gate of Camp John Hay which is near Baguio Country Club, the guard whom we asked where the Ambassador’s Residence is has no clue as to its location so he had to ask his colleague and we were told that it is in scout hill. The taxi driver was asking follow-up questions but i told him to drive as i know where scout hill is. When we reached Scout hill we again asked a security personel on where the Ambassador’s residences is, he asked if it was for an interview and he asked other bunch of questions however at the end he told me that he didn’t know where it is. Anyway i asked the driver to drive to the next guard house until we reached the residential area and asked the guard on duty on where the ambassadors residence is and he gave us directions, it was just a few meters from where we are. Finally i reached the gate to the Ambassadors house since i knew that the Ambassador’s Residence is US Soil i asked the driver to stop and i’ll just walk to the gates, the guards at the gate verified my identification and a car was radioed in to pick me up at the entrance. The residence is still several meters away from gate and it is located on top of the hill. I was constantly looking at the clock at the car and when we arrived to the residence it was exactly 1:45pm. As I disembarked from the car i remembered from my history lesson that the Ambassador’s Residence is Actually the site where General Yamashita surrendered at the end of World War 2, as i entered the hallways i knew i am walking on historic grounds…

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