Morning At Burnham Park Baguio City

As of the time of this writing it is raining for a few days now in Baguio City, makes one wanna wish that the sun would show up once again and give everyone the opportunity to go around Burnham Park in the morning. Burnham Park was originally designed during the American era by renowned architect Daniel Burnham, but did you know that the project was not initially offered to him? Let’s leave that for research purposes, and we’ll be posting some great History of Baguio City in the coming days.

For most residents and loyal tourists Burnham Park is indeed one of the places in Baguio where you can do your morning exercises, this prompted some trainers to set up their morning group exercise routines where you only give a donation in exchange for a healthy group workout such as zumba, tae-bo and sometimes Tai-chi. For Do-it-yourself individuals there is always jogging around Burnham Lake or the Children’s playground. Or if you are willing to spend to get those legs pumped up you can rent  bike for one hour for around 40 pesos or sometimes less depending on the season, you can also rent a swan boat and pedal your way on Burnham lake or a regular boat if you want to train your arm muscles.

This Video Sums Up Practically the Things You Can Do One Morning At Burnham Park


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  1. Indeed, mornings at Burnham Park are beautiful and that fresh cool pine scented air is really good for the body as you perform your exercises. Thank you for making and sharing this piece of video.

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