The American Holiday Experience Twice

July 4 is a popular American Holiday also known as their Independence Day or the 4th of July. I was indeed a blessing that i was able to experience this American holiday in the U.S. when i went to San Diego to visit my family. As expected 4th of July is indeed a big celebration where many Americans would certainly go out to the parks and watch the fireworks together. Again I cannot stress this enough, i was lucky to have experienced it, and i was more than lucky to have experienced it twice in the same year.

Fireworks 4th of July San DIego CA

Experiencing the Second 4th of July Celebration In Baguio City

View at the US Ambassador Residence

If you have been following my posts you know that i got a chance to interview the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg. After the interview we were invited to a celebration in the evening, although this was an event scheduled on July 25 it was an event to celebrate 4th of July and the Philippine – American Friendship day. The celebration was held in the US Ambassador’s residence in Baguio City inside Camp John Hay.


Upon entering the halls of the Ambassador’s Residence we were welcomed at the door by no other than the US Ambassador, Philip Goldberg himself along with his staff who greeted every guest with a smile. After a gauntlet of hand shakes i was ushered to where the drinks are but i got one from the waiter who gladly explained to me every concoction on his tray, i chose the California white wine, for no reason other than i want to try it out.

The White Wine I Got

It was kinda cold and drizzling but the strong rain stopped, the program started with a welcome message from the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Philip Goldberg himself. His message was that of the efforts of the US Government in their humanitarian efforts especially in trying to avert the effects of climate change. He also honored the friendship and ties between the US and the Philippines.

The US Ambassador Philip Goldberg Gives His Welcome Address
US Ambassador Philip Goldberg on His Welcome Remarks

After the welcome remarks it’s time for food and we were served some of the best American dishes from sliced steaks to sweet desserts which i do not have any idea what it was. During the meal the Ambassador went around the table to enjoy the guests company and to have a short photo session.

Getting Ready For the Party

The event was purely a meet and greet event, a time to get to know some of the prominent people in Baguio City. At exactly 7pm the activities ended and the guests started to go home, i was lucky to have hitched a ride with a good friend. Overall, this experience from my travel to the Ambassador’s residence, the round table discussion and the celebration of 4th of July at the Ambassador’s residence is an unforgettable experience, there were lot’s of things that i learned as shared by the Ambassador which inspired me more to do more positive activities for Baguio City. Although i am not sure if this experience will be repeated i am wishing that this is only the first of many encounters with the US Ambassador to the Philippines.

Trees and Lights At The US Ambassadors House
A night Shot at the US Ambassador’s House


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