Beestop’s Garlic Fried Chicken And Tuna Now In Baguio City

While writing this post and as i try to remember the delicious food from Beestop i am starting to drool and makes me wanna go back to Halili Building. Beestop is one of the newest fastfood restaurant to open in Baguio City. The franchise is originally from General Santos City and when you talk about Gen San what is abundant? Tuna! Ever since my trip to the land of Tuna last year, i occasionally feel the craving for tuna. In Baguio City tuna is really expensive what do you expect? With the shipping cost and all. This is why i was so happy when i heard and actually tried the food at Beestop!

Order Up!


They Serve Tuna

When you talk about tuna dish in Baguio City you usually find them at fancy restaurants, but at Beestop they serve tuna like you are in the tuna capital of the Philippines. They have several tuna dishes in their menu and one thing we particularly tried was the deep fried tuna. At first glance one would think that this dish is not a tuna dish, it looks more like a pork dish, but once you dig in to the “meat”, it’s tuna after all! I was so amazed with how deceiving the dish looks that i posted in our Lakbay Baguio Facebook page and Google Plus Page a photo of the dish and asked our friends to guess the dish and so far nobody guessed it on Facebook and one guessed it a Chicken Liver Dish on Google Plus. Looks like from the tally it seems that nobody can “decipher” what it is. The portion was also huge that it could be shared by two persons and the “icing on the cake” for this dish is that it would only cost you P99.00. Don’t want it deep fried? They also serve Kinilaw na Tuna and it is so good, for me at least who was born into a family where kinilaw dishes is really a common dish at the dining table (although can we classify jumping salad as kinilaw?).

Nobody Guessed It! It’s Tuna!
The BeeStop Kinilaw

The Garlic Fried Chicken

At the height of the #chickensad issue Beestop’s Garlic Fried Chicken arrived in Baguio City with great timing. Fried Chicken is Fried chicken until you give it a twist and Beestop gave that chicken a twist that made the dish unique and original, i have tasted Garlic Buttered Chicken from different restaurants here in Baguio but not a Garlic Fried Chicken where you can ask for more of it’s sauce. I have learned that the owner is so hand’s on in this business that she made conceptualized and developed (mixed) their own sauces. She was even kind enough to show us how to eat the garlic fried chicken, you just have to ask the crew to give you an extra garlic fried chicken sauce and pour that onto your rice and you are good to go!

Pour The Sauce and Eat!

Looks Familiar

Once you visit Beestop you might wonder why the restaurant colors are familiar, nope it’s not the same as the fastfood that made the #chickensad, BeeStop is unique just look at their menu i’m sure their tuna dishes alone would give BeeStop that unique identity especially here in Baguio City.

The Uniqueness is in The Menu!

Craving For More

As i’ve said, while writing this post and remembering the dining experience it started to make me drool, im craving for more and with that affordable price i think I will definitely be back for more. I heard, another dish that we must try is the Tinolang Buntot ng Tuna, as a soup lover that sounds good already!

It Was Gone Before I Even Tried It, But I Heard The Beef Melts in Your Mouth

 More At Beestop


Borrow a monopod
Buy Frozen Tuna

BeeStop Baguio Location: Halili Building Bonifacio Street Baguio City (you have to walk up and burn those calories)

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  1. I tasted their deep fried tuna and it was great tasting! The tuna was not gamy or chewyas what you’d expect from a fried tuna. Next time i wanna try their tinolang buntot ng tuna, have you tried it vince?

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